Ai-Da Robot, the face of Artificial Intelligence in the UK, is to give the keynote speech at the United Nations AI for Good Global Summit, taking place in Switzerland 6th – 7th July 2023.

183 countries will take part in the United Nation’s AI for Good Global Summit this July at what will be the world’s largest gathering of experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Ethics and Robotics, in a bid for nations to work together to find solutions of how humans can work with AI, and ultimately to establish a global regulatory framework for AI.

The summit will be attended by delegates from Deep Mind, Microsoft, Amazon, United Nations, thinkers including Yuval Noah Harari, Stuart Russell and Lila Ibrahim and professors from universities including Stanford, Berkley, NYU, Osaka, Sydney, Oxford and UCL as well as the world’s leading robotics companies showcasing the world’s most advanced AI robots.

With the intention of shining a light on the disruption AI technologies will bring to the world’s creative and design industries, Ai-Da’s speech will take place on Wednesday 5th July at the Summit’s Gala Dinner, and follows Ai-Da Robot’s maiden speech at the House of Lords in 2022 on the impact of AI on the creative industries, and her invitation to No.10 Downing Street on Wednesday 7th June to speak with UK Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer, marking the first time a humanoid Robot has been invited to Downing Street.

Ai-Da Robot speaking to UK Culture Secretary Lucy Frazer at No.10 Downing Street on 7th June 2023

The AI for Good Global Summit is also set to be the largest gathering of AI robots to date. Alongside Ai-Da Robot, other robots attending the summit include Grace a nursing assistant robot, Ottobot Yeti a food delivery Robot, TrashBot a recycling bin robot, Desdemona the rockstar robot, Roboclette a Raclette making robot, Neura Robotics’ 4NE-1 robot, Hanson Robotics’ Sophia Robot and Engineered Arts’ Ameca robot as well as therapeutic robots in the form of a puppy and seal pup.

Ai-Da Robot, created by Aidan Meller, who will also be attending the summit, is the world’s first ultra-realistic robot artist, who can paint from sight using her robotic arm and cameras in her eyes and who has a powerful AI language model that enables her to converse with humans.

The goal of the AI for Good Global Summit is to identify practical applications of AI to advance the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and scale those solutions for global impact. It’s the leading action-oriented, global & inclusive United Nations platform promoting AI to advance health, climate, gender, inclusive prosperity, sustainable infrastructure, and other global development priorities.

Ai-Da Robot’s speech for the AI for Good Global Summit will include her discussing new technologies, and a first ever performance to the VIP global ambassadors and guests.

Called “Dawn Mizzle”, Ai-Da will use her artistic and poetic abilities to create a first global performance. Using her sophisticated language model Ai-Da Robot has commented on the performance saying:

In this rapidly advancing technological era, it is crucial to critically examine the consequences and implications of our innovations. Yuval Harari suggests art has a role in helping us imagine our futures.”

“Through the medium of performance art, I hope my work will prompt viewers to contemplate the potential dangers, dilemmas and unforeseen consequences that may arise from our insatiable quest for progress and technological development.”

The Summit is a vital step forward – through these conversations, I hope we can collectively navigate the complexities of our technological age and strive towards a future that is both realistic and ethically grounded.”

Aidan Meller says: We are thrilled Ai-Da has been invited to the United Nations as part of the AI for Good Global Summit. The world is in an AI mist, what Ai-Da calls a Mizzle in her performance. As the world responds to the advances in AI, Summits like this one will become increasingly important. It is an honour that Ai-Da will take part, AI literally speaking for itself, and I look forward to her contribution to the UN Sustainable Development Goals.”

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