Zyler, AI-powered virtual fashion try-on software, has announced that over 30% of sales made on the fashion rental site of UK retail giant John Lewis now follow a Zyler visualisation. The John Lewis Fashion Rental site is powered by HURR, a leading fashion rental platform provider.

Key findings

  •      Over 30% of sales come from Zyler users
  •      16% of web visitors engage with Zyler
  •      Average of 52 outfits viewed per user

“These findings exceeded our expectations and demonstrate a huge customer response to our try-on technology”, comments Zyler CEO Alexander Berend. “There is a significant sales contribution from Zyler users, strong engagement among website visitors, and a high number of outfits viewed per Zyler user.”

The “Try it On” feature on the John Lewis Fashion Rental website is powered by Zyler’s advanced virtual try-on technology – an innovative and convenient AI tool for customers looking to rent clothing. Customers can see how an outfit looks on them online before they rent it – which is crucial because many are looking to rent clothing for an important and time-sensitive event. Customers upload a headshot and sizing information to try the outfit on virtually, from the comfort of their own home. This ensures that the virtual try-on experience is as accurate as possible.

Danielle Gagola, Innovation Lead at John Lewis, says: “Whatever special event they might be attending, at John Lewis we’re always looking for ways to help our customers look and feel their best. It has been so exciting to offer styling support in a digital environment using the Zyler technology, and the impressive results we’ve seen from the first few months shows it’s resonating with our customers too. As we move into Winter, we’re looking forward to even more customers using the Virtual Try-On service to find that perfect Christmas Party outfit.”

Zyler’s innovative, AI-driven technology is turning out to be a game-changer that satisfies consumers’ need for convenience, personalization, and a seamless shopping experience. It is also a fun and interactive way to improve their shopping experience. The “Try it On” feature on the John Lewis Fashion Rental platform enhances the rental experience by providing customers with a more enjoyable and personalized way to explore and choose outfits. This reduces uncertainty and increases the likelihood of satisfaction with their rental choices as well as empowers shoppers.

You can see Zyler technology working on the John Lewis website:  www.johnlewisfashionrental.com/women/dresses.

Find out more about Zyler Virtual Try-On: www.zyler.com.