Zizo, a data and analytics specialist software provider and consultancy, announced that it has partnered with Nexus Business Solutions, a global service provider to the automotive industry, to deliver an analysis platform for its automotive rental management data. 

Nexus Business Solutions provide consultancy and management services to vehicle manufacturers, their dealer networks, and major fleet management and rental companies around the world. In turn, the business generates and collects masses of data, particularly in OEM (original equipment manufacturer) sales and after-sales operations. 

However, Nexus Business Solutions recognised a challenge, as despite having large quantities of data available, the team lacked the data science skills and tools to make data-driven decisions.

As a result, the business partnered with Zizo to provide an analysis platform in order to translate raw data into visual capabilities that provide actionable insights. 

The automotive rental management platform collects masses of granular data from a wide variety of processes and sources, but turning this into actionable information can be difficult. 

In order to overcome these hurdles, Zizo built a series of complex automated data transformation processes using the Zizo data engineering tool ‘Pathway’ to model Nexus’ business, combining the data together. For example, metrics include the ‘time into hire,’ exploring how long it took the customer to get the vehicle; which can be broken down into categories such as private, commercial and specialist. 

This means that for Nexus Business Solutions customers, including major automotive OEMs, consumer interactions and touchpoints are visible throughout the rental process, providing insight into a single consumer journey. For Nexus Business Solutions, the service-level agreements (SLAs) can be better defined – based on this end-to-end view – which is critical for the operations of their business.

Once Zizo has finalised the data output, the information is then visualised through Zizo’s Insight Platform. The data can be viewed in a number of ways, such as through dashboards and reports. For example, Nexus Business Solutions have its own internal view of that data, and its clients have an alternative view – demonstrating the ability to tailor the data insights to each individual organisation, and also to individuals within that organisation – providing the right data, to the right person, at the right time.

Alan Glazier, Head of Automotive UK, Nexus Business Solutions, comments: “Working with the Zizo team has been excellent for us because it has achieved two things – one, the partnership has allowed us to focus on the data that we’ve got, and two, we’ve been able to clean up our data and recognise duplicates in our system from third-party suppliers.

The ability to also give our clients access to this data is a real asset from working together. The client report is exceptionally analytical, and without this partnership, it wouldn’t be possible.”

Peter Ruffley, CEO of Zizo, concludes: “As Nexus Business Solutions become more data-led, it’s increasingly important that it is able to extract value and insight from the masses of information they hold.

We thoroughly enjoy working and collaborating with Alan and the team. It is Nexus Business Solutions’ way to become forward-thinking and open to understanding new ideas and the power of data to drive their business forward, as well as to empower their customers. The team at Zizo look forward to continuing this partnership with Nexus Business Solutions long-term.”

For more information, please visit www.zizo.co.uk.