As we kickstart the new year, Brits up and down the country will be focusing on achieving their goals for 2023. Health and fitness come top of the list for Brits making resolutions, with 53% of the nation stating they want to do more exercise or improve their fitness according to recent research by Statista. 

Whilst the intention is there, it can be difficult to get into the right mindset after weeks of indulging and not exercising. One British company has created the perfect tool to give people that extra boost and see these resolutions over the line. Swytch Technology – creators of the revolutionary Swytch Kit – have dramatically reduced the price of quality e-bikes to under £500, enabling anyone to travel electric for as little as £0.004 (0.4 pence) per mile by up-cycling their existing bike.

In terms of health benefits, e-bike riders burn roughly 70% of the calories they would from normal cycling, according to an AMCA study, people riding a regular bike burnt 505 calories per hour, e-bike riders burnt from 344 to 422 calories per hour – highlighting the benefits of e-bikes for commuters looking to drop weight and increase overall health.

At a time when the country finds itself in a deepening cost-of-living crisis, and the average UK worker spends 21% of their salary on commuting annually, Brits have been forced to seek more affordable sources of transport. As a result of this, close to 16 million Brits now partake in cycling – the highest level recorded in the last five years, according to recent research from Mintel.

The new way to cycle: Who are Swytch?

The new Swytch Kit takes you further and faster by converting any regular bicycle into a state-of-the-art e-bike. The conversion kit features a world-first pocket-sized battery (the “Power Pack”) which is similar in size to a large smartphone, weighs just 1.5lbs (700g), recharges in just one hour from your mains power socket, and provides 10 miles range. Increasing the range is as easy as clicking off one battery, and connecting another, or upgrading to the larger battery option available with 20 miles range, and weighing 2.4lbs (1.1kg).

About Swytch 

Swytch was founded by engineers Oliver Montague and Dmitro Khroma in 2017 in response to an obvious gap in the market for a sustainable transport solution. The idea first developed when Oliver was cycling to his workplace to meet with his boss. Despite travelling similar distances, Oliver had broken into a sweat whereas his boss arrived impeccably dressed, simply because he was on an e-bike.

Oliver now plays a pivotal role as head of the company as CEO and Dmitro leads a world-class London-based engineering team as CTO. Already saving 17,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emissions from previous models, Swytch believes that transport shouldn’t cost the Earth – so they’ve made it their mission to make electric transport accessible to everybody.

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