To provide customers with the latest technology, global motor and drive manufacturer, WEG has expanded its operations to the Eastern Europe and southwestern Asia market with the opening of a new facility in Dilovasi, Kocaeli, Turkey. The 7,000 m2 space will be used to provide technical support for customers and to assemble products. The move offers a shorter time-to-market not only for the local area but also for surrounding countries.

Turkey is one of WEG’s key markets for motors and drives and offers the perfect location to achieving additional growth in the Middle East, Eastern Europe, North Africa and Central Asia markets. The new expansion offers potential for OEMs, as the industrial sector in Turkey continues to grow each year. More than 30 per cent of the Turkish GDP comes from the industrial sector.

The facility, which has been in operation since August 2022, will continue to support this growth and allow WEG to develop close relationships with both local suppliers and commercial partners. In addition, WEG will be able to expand its market coverage in low and medium voltage electric motors — a high-demand product in the region.

“The local assembly line and warehouse expansion will help us better understand the market demand and needs of our customers,” explained Marco Antonio Campos executive managing director at WEG Turkey. “We’ve been present in the Turkish market for years thanks to our partners and we know the region offers great potential for our motion drive solutions. We’ve situated ourselves in the middle of our main customers’ location with opportunities to export to countries close to Turkey.

“The expansion will create opportunities for the local community, creating jobs, development, and opportunities for the local suppliers. Turkey is becoming an important player in this new geopolitical and economic scenario that we are facing in the region and can offer us big opportunities to grow our customer base. By creating more opportunities in the local community, we can help contribute to the Turkish economy. In the future, WEG will likely expand even further to meet our business growth and local verticalization plans,” continued Campos.

More information on WEG’s offering of motors, drives and other industrial equipment can be found on the WEG website. To contact WEG Turkey directly, please contact or visit the contact us page