UneeQ, a United States and New Zealand-based digital human company, announces a new milestone of powering 1.5 million minutes of AI conversations – equivalent to 2.85 years of “face to face” customer and patient interactions. The milestone was supported by the latest integrations of Amazon Lex natural language processing and Amazon Polly synthetic voices into UneeQ Creator, a freemium intelligent digital human sandbox that enables the best creative minds to design, develop, and deploy a digital human in a matter of minutes. Launched in July of 2020, Creator is designed to be a gateway into the game-changing world of experiential artificial intelligence, enabling companies of all sizes to enhance their customer experiences through deeper emotional connections with their digital human personalities. Digital humans are already being successfully deployed across retail, healthcare, finance, education, and tech, among many other industries.

Expanding seamless integrations with Amazon’s natural language processing, Lex opens the door for many new creative minds to build digital human solutions and services through UneeQ’s platform.  Through its deep learning functionalities, Amazon Lex has the ability to automatically recognize and convert speech to text; and through natural language understanding, recognize the purpose of the text to enable consumers to build engaging experiences and lifelike conversational interactions. Similar to the technology behind Amazon Alexa, Amazon Lex enables UneeQ Creator users to build advanced digital human use cases with ease.

UneeQ Creator has also been upgraded with Amazon Polly, a Text-to-Speech (TTS) service that uses sophisticated deep learning technologies to synthesize natural sounding human speech, reassuring customers that digital humans are easy to understand and can communicate in their primary language. Additionally, Amazon Polly offers Neural Text-to-Speech voices that deliver improved speech quality so customers can match the delivery of the speaker, further personalizing consumers’ experiences with digital humans.

With UneeQ Creator, consumers and businesses alike are empowered to dive deeper into the world of experiential AI and use digital humans to create emotional connections with their target audiences. The ability to utilize AI at scale allows businesses to gain higher levels of efficiency and productivity, enabling them to turn their existing, lifeless chatbots into interactive digital humans – moving beyond transactions and into meaningful interactions. Additional updates to the Creator platform include three new culturally inclusive digital humans, expansion of synthetic voices, as well as a new, pre-built user interface that allows deployment onto websites in minutes without any custom development.

“Our goal was always to provide scalable, personal interactions to consumers through customizable digital humans, but we could’ve never foreseen the growth and user interest this past year,” remarked Danny Tomsett, CEO and founder of UneeQ. “With exciting new projects like Digital Einstein and enhancements to UneeQ Creator, we’re only experiencing the beginning of the future of digital humans and their ability to improve the customer experience and journey. I’m very proud of our team and thankful to our customers and partners, as we commemorate this milestone achievement and look to grow beyond in the coming quarters. As we expand into pivotal industries such as healthcare, the use cases for digital humans will only grow as people discover the abilities and benefits of unbiased, tailored interactions with a friendly face on their screen.”amazone 2

“The use case potential for digital employees is immeasurable,” said Steve Merchant, Director of Vet Chat, an innovative conversational AI company focused on supplementing veterinarian offices with 24-7 digital assistants. “As consumer trends continue to favor digital experiences, we believe offering a knowledgeable digital human to assist busy vets, engage and educate clients on various health topics, products, and treatments will free up valuable staff time as well as give clients the digital access they’re looking for.”

An exciting addition to UneeQ’s portfolio of digital humans is Digital Albert Einstein. Part of the new Companions series, Digital Einstein was created in coordination with BEN Group Inc., Greenlight, and The Hebrew University of Jerusalem and launched this past April. Designed to address isolation and loneliness during and beyond the current global pandemic, Digital Einstein can communicate with users and test their knowledge with daily quizzes. A reflection of one of UneeQ’s core values of producing “tech for good,” Digital Einstein provides people with a friendly face and lively conversation, no matter the time of day.

About UneeQ
UneeQ’s intelligent platform is the global standard in digital humans, enabling the best creative minds to design and build amazing experiences. We give organizations the power to create real-time, human-like conversations that increase sales conversion and enhance customer experiences, moving customer transactions into memorable interactions. UneeQ is a global enterprise with a presence in the US, Europe and ANZ.

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