TORSUS, manufacturers of the world’s toughest, heavy-duty off-road buses, is proud to announce the growth of its continued cooperation with MAN Truck & Bus, following an agreement for MAN Truck & Bus to manufacture the TORSUS PRAETORIAN’s skeleton chassis. TORSUS has worked in close collaboration with MAN Truck & Bus, since 2017, to develop the PRAETORIAN – the world’s most capable off-road bus.

As the centre of excellence in bus manufacturing, MAN Truck & Bus’ 300,000 square-metre, state-of-the-art advanced manufacturing facility produces some of the world’s most innovative buses. With a 2,700-strong highly skilled workforce based there, each TORSUS PRAETORIAN skeleton produced at the site will be carefully crafted to ensure it meets all their customers’ needs, wherever they are in the world.

Yulia Khomych, Chief Strategy Officer at TORSUS, said: “We are extremely proud to build on our longstanding relationship with MAN Truck & Bus, for our flagship vehicle, the PRAETORIAN. Since 2017, we have been working very closely with them to develop the world’s toughest off-road bus and we are delighted to continue our cooperation with this new agreement.

“MAN Truck & Bus are the experts in producing high-quality buses and coaches of all kinds and the skeleton chassis they will build for our PRAETORIANs will be stronger and stiffer than ever before. We couldn’t wish for a better collaboration partner to develop the very best heavy-duty off-road bus.”

Using similar processes and techniques to those used in the manufacturing of its own buses, MAN Truck & Bus use protective gases during the precision welding process of the PRAETORIAN’s skeleton, before it undergoes cataphoretic painting for protection against corrosion, then varnishing, and finishing with a final coat of paint. All of this ensures that the product is of the highest quality possible when it leaves the factory, before heading to TORSUS’ purpose-built factory in Horné Srnie, Slovakia, for final assembly.

Designed to transport up to 35 people and their equipment safely across the world’s harshest environments, the PRAETORIAN is a 10-tonne 4×4 off-road bus based on an upgraded, heavy-duty MAN TGM chassis. It is powered by a 6.9L six-cylinder MAN diesel engine with 286bhp and 1,150Nm of torque, as well as a heavy-duty 4×4 off-road transmission – sufficient for the bus to easily climb a 65 percent incline. The PRAETORIAN is engineered to master any terrain, in any weather conditions, anywhere in the world.

The MAN Truck & Bus Starachowice plant produces over 1,600 buses and 520 bus chassis a year, exported to customers in countries all over the world including Germany, France, Georgia, Norway, Sweden and Saudi Arabia.


TORSUS is breaking new ground by designing, developing and manufacturing the world’s toughest off-road buses. In the iconic PRAETORIAN, it makes the world’s most capable heavy-duty off-road bus and the new TERRASTORM signals the brand’s fearless ambition to grow further into the global heavy-duty 4×4 minibus market. The TORSUS brand was released in 2016, developing and manufacturing heavy-duty off-road 4×4 buses in a purpose-built factory in Slovakia. 

TORSUS operates and sells in global markets to customers in heavy industry, utility and government service sectors. Warranty and service back-up is provided in all markets with the fastest response times in the sector. Working in partnership with MAN and VW on key chassis and powertrain technology ensures that every TORSUS has ultimate durability, reliability, serviceability, value and, of course, toughness engineered in. TORSUS: BUILT FOR THE WORLD’S TOUGHEST JOBS.

About MAN Truck & Bus

MAN Truck & Bus is one of Europe’s leading commercial vehicle manufacturers and transport solution providers, with an annual revenue of about 11 billion euros (2022). The company’s product portfolio includes vans, trucks, buses/coaches and diesel and gas engines along with services related to passenger and cargo transport. MAN Truck & Bus is a company of TRATON GROUP and employs approximately 35,000 people worldwide.