TM Robotics, the leading provider of industrial robots from Shibaura Machine, formerly known as Toshiba Machine, has announced its participation at Automation UK, held on 20 to 21 June 2023 at the CBS Arena in Coventry. TM Robotics will be showcasing a demonstration of the Shibaura Machine THL SCARA robot working with the Flexibowl® feeding system. Manufactured by Italian company ARS and distributed by RARUK Automation, the Flexibowl® is a revolutionary system for automated production.

The Flexibowl® is a flexible feeding system that handles a wide range of components, making it suitable for various applications across multiple industries. Working alongside the Flexibowl® is a robot from the THL series of SCARA robots. Designed for high-speed and high-precision assembly, material handling and inspection applications, this is a flagship range from Japanese robot manufacturer, Shibaura Machine.

With a lightweight and compact design, the THL series offers a smaller footprint than other robots in its class, making it ideal for environments with limited space. It also boasts several advantages over its competitors, including faster cycle time and greater energy efficiency by utilising a specially selected motor and lightweight materials. Additionally, the robots’ advanced control system ensures precise and accurate movement, resulting in reduced product defects and increased production quality.

“The demonstration of the Flexibowl® and THL robot at Automation UK will allow attendees to fully realise the potential of integrating Shibaura Machine robots in other processes,” explained Nigel Smith, managing director of TM Robotics. “The seamless integration of these two products delivers a powerful and efficient solution that can greatly enhance the competitiveness of businesses across a variety of industries. At the show, TM Robotics’ team will be available to discuss other potential applications of the THL and the full range of Shibaura Machine robots.”

As the official distribution partner of Shibaura Machine, a world-renowned Japanese manufacturer of industrial robots, TM Robotics leverages the company’s extensive expertise and commitment to quality, resulting in both cutting-edge robotic integrations and off-the-shelf options.

Other robots available include the new THE SCARA series. This includes the latest launches from this range, the THE800 and THE1000. These robots are designed for heavy payloads of up to 20kg and are specifically designed to carry larger components. The THE series is just one of a number of SCARA ranges from Shibaura Machine. In fact, Shibaura Machine boasts the largest SCARA robot range on the market.

TM Robotics can also provide the full 6-axis ranges from Shibaura Machine. These robots offer high-performance for applications like assembly, material handling and welding. The ranges include the TVL, TV and TVM series, accommodating various different needs.

“The partnership between TM Robotics and Shibaura Machine has consistently resulted in some of the most advanced automation solutions on the market. By exhibiting at Automation UK, we aim to demonstrate our commitment to innovation and our ability to cater to the ever-evolving needs of the industry. Our penetration in the market is further supported by our partner RARUK Automation, who is the official UK distributor of TM Robotics. RARUK Automation is also the distributor of ARS’s Flexibowl®,” concluded Smith.

To learn more about TM Robotics and its application of robotics, visit  Automation UK in June 2023, or explore the website at