To help manufacturers reduce scrap and reworking with proactive tool correction, industrial metrology specialist, The Sempre Group now supplies Reaction Plan Manager (RPM) software. The automated instruction-based software analyses measurement data calculates offset and provides tool correction instructions in real-time on the shop floor. The software is compatible with any CNC machine type, so UK and Irish manufacturers in a range of industries can benefit from this technology.  

Once installed, RPM software collates data directly from the coordinate-measuring machine (CMM), analyses measurement data and automatically produces a digital report on machine position. Operators can then follow machine adjustment instructions and adjust the tool offset before any parts are manufactured out of tolerance.

“Data analysis can be a time-consuming task, even for the most experienced operators,” explained Mike John, managing director at The Sempre Group. “Using RPM software is like having an extra in-house engineer 24 hours a day, seven days a week. It carries out the calculations and tooling decisions on behalf of the operators, saving time that employees can use to focus on jobs that require more human intervention.”

The software works on an automated paperless system that allows process control information to be analysed by an operator in real-time, without the need for a specialised engineer to assess calibration. Data analysis can be exported as a report when required, improving communication between operators and managers and the manufacturing business and its customers.

Engineers can also link RPM software to compatible SPC software, such as Prolink, to derive more value from measurement data. By integrating this metrology software into the production process, operators no longer need to spend valuable production time analysing measurement information — the software decides for them. As a result, manufacturers can benefit from a reduction in downtime, a reduction in costs and an increase in part quality.

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