Industrial metrology specialist The Sempre Group has announced a partnership with non-contact gauging systems manufacturer Third Dimension. The collaboration will expand The Sempre Group’s non-contact optical profile measurement portfolio to include Third Dimension’s advanced, automated 2D profile measurement technology, giving manufacturers easier access to automated metrology and the accuracy, repeatability and traceability benefits that it offers.

The Sempre Group’s customers will now have access to the Vectro® product line. Third Dimension’s flagship product, Vectro2, is designed for automation and can integrate with conventional industrial robots as well as the latest generation of collaborative robots (cobots) for the inspection of features such as gap and flush, radii, chamfers, angles, edge break, burrs, welds and seals. Third Dimension offers ‘plug-and-play’ pre-configured original equipment manufacturer (OEM) solution packs as well as a range of custom software tools to ensure seamless integration with new or existing automated systems.

The Sempre Group has installed a Vectro2 system on a Universal Robots UR5e cobot at its metrology showroom in Barnwood, Gloucester. By showcasing Third Dimension’s new, UR+ Certified, URCap Vectro software plugin, customers will be able to see first-hand how easy it is to program the robot to measure and inspect components and assemblies on their own production lines.

“Automating quality and process control not only delivers significant productivity gains but frees up skilled technicians to focus on other areas of the business, adding value with intuition, decision-making, and other essential skills that a cobot cannot provide,” explained Clive Warren, Senior Product Manager at Third Dimension.

“Automation is critical to the UK’s efforts to boost its manufacturing productivity,” explained Jim Mangan, managing director of The Sempre Group. “Metrology is ripe for automation, be it for the creation of inspection reports, or for in-process inspection and final quality assurance. Manufacturers can also choose to automate data collection into a single quality management system, which gives them a full view of their entire process for better decision-making.”

Vectro®2 uses sensors and core technology developed for Third Dimension’s proven GapGun hand-held measurement system, providing fast, accurate and traceable measurement data for both off-line and in-line applications.

The Sempre Group offers a range of non-contact optical measurement systems, including the Jenoptik Opticline range for cylindrical shafts, the Oasis range for small shafts and parts and flat parts — accurate to two microns — and the Novacam Bore Inspection range.

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