Alexia Pedersen, EMEA Vice-President at O’Reilly:

Currently, there is an unprecedented demand for talent. With so much disruption across a number of factors caused by global warming, war, a new energy policy, and the digital skills shortage, this year more than ever represents a huge opportunity for people to engage and learn something new. People of any age can take the opportunity to upskill or change career direction with a new apprenticeship. The benefits of an apprenticeship provide hands-on learning and the chance to put new skills into practice, which is the key to success and lifelong learning.

Many companies are transforming and innovating, embarking on projects relating to topics such as cloud and cybersecurity, which require new skills. Now is a very good time to embrace an apprenticeship in these fast-moving areas and be part of the new skill set required to be successful in the new digital age.”

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