The Evolution in CNC

Mitsubishi Electric has launched the M8V series, an innovative range of controllers for CNC machining, at EMO Milano 2021. The products represent an evolution of CNC operations, as they are the first to offer built-in Wi-Fi, in addition to cutting-edge performance combined with an intuitive and easy to use framework. Designed to support digital transformation strategies, the controllers can boost productivity while enabling smart manufacturing applications.

In line with EMO Milano 2021’s theme ‘the world innovation starts here’, Mitsubishi Electric demonstrated how its new M8V CNC series will enable the future of metalworking.

Maximum accessibility

As the only CNCs that can be directly connected to WLAN networks, the M8V series of controllers is a key enabler of advanced Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) environments for smart, data-driven manufacturing. Thanks to an original noise immunity design, users can reliably and securely operate as well as monitor CNC machine tools from anywhere, at any time via connected devices, such as tablets.

Ease of use is also at the heart of this new CNC series. The interactive panel interface supports 4-point multi-touch gestures, offering a user experience similar to operating a smart phone. Its intuitive design also enables users to easily control and monitor key processing parameters.

Furthermore, programming is simplified and streamlined, thanks to the Job Lathe wizard that guides users through installation and setup. Therefore, it is easy to interact with the controller, even for staff with no expertise in G-code.

Next-level CNC performance

The M8V CNC series also offers unmatched capabilities in terms of precision and speed. The combination of a dedicated CPU, innovative OMR-CC control technology and automatic cutting load control helps businesses to minimise machining time while benefitting from extreme accuracy. In effect, these features help to deliver high-quality products and reduce cycle times by at least 11% in comparison to previous models while also lowering path errors by 15%.

Metalworking applications can also take advantage of a high number of axes for machining centres and lathe systems as well as doubled fine segment processing capacities, which can reach 540 kilo-blocks of code per minute.

Frederik Gesthuysen, Manager Sales Administration & Marketing at Mitsubishi Electric Europe, comments: “The M8V series of CNCs is a game changer in metalworking applications. It combines accuracy, speed and performance to deliver competitive, state-of-the-art products. Ultimately, this controller series represents an evolution in CNC technology that will help customers to improve productivity and create smart manufacturing applications.”