Bid for your own Limited Edition Somnium X TESLASUIT DK1 in celebration of this exclusive partnership.

Somnium TeslaSuit NFT Token
Somnium TeslaSuit 
The first ever 10 Limited Edition personalised Somnium X TESLASUIT DK1s will be auctioned off during Somnium’s Road 2 TLO auctions this July 2021.

Somnium Space is a leading, highly immersive SocialVR platform with its economy and ownership tied to blockchain. Users utilise a broad spectrum of tools such as Visual Builder, Avatars SDK, Builder SDK and WORLDs SDK in order to create and consume various types of experiences from any device. Somnium Space is accessible via WebXR client as well as native PC & VR clients. The Somnium Space economy has already surpassed more than $15 million USD of traded goods and services among its players, with thousands of users using its platform on a monthly basis.

TESLASUIT is a human-to-digital interface designed in the form of a full-body XR suit.

Three integrated systems include haptics, motion capture and biometry, to provide realistic immersion and accelerate mastery. TESLASUIT is used across a number of industry sectors, from first responders, pilot training, to even aerospace.

The award winning TESLASUIT systems provide haptic feedback to any area of the body, from a gentle touch to feelings of physical exertion and also capture motion data. TESLASUIT provides deeper sensory immersion in VR and AR environments – like no other technology available.

For the first time ever, the TESLASUIT will be made available for use within Somnium Space Community.

Both companies are in a forefront of allowing their users to achieve higher levels of immersion during Virtual Reality experiences. Throughout the years, both companies have been working hard to deliver next-level immersion for all Virtual Reality users that allow uncompromised experiences whilst helping accelerate VR adoption for the masses.

I have no doubt that within this decade the majority of the human population will be using Virtual Reality on a daily basis to conduct business meetings, visit concerts, socialise with others, or simply have fun during virtual experiences or other types of events. In fact, we can see that the majority of such use cases are being conducted inside Somnium Metaverse on a daily basis already today. TESLASUIT brings the next level of immersion for users allowing for the first time ever to feel Somnium Space’s virtual environment. We are excited to deliver this exclusive and strategic partnership with the TESLASUIT team and to work closely together in order to push the boundaries of what is possible further,” says Artur Sychov, Founder & CEO of Somnium Space.

Sergei Nossoff, Founder & CEO of VR Electronics Ltd (makers of TESLASUIT) adds:

We are excited to partner with Somnium Space and offer TESTALSUIT technology for high-end VR experiences, providing a deeper immersion with full body motion capture and range of enhanced haptic sensations. TESLASUIT has been focusing on creating government and enterprise VR/AR/MR training solutions. We have combined the innovative insight of TESLASUIT with the most advanced global VR training practices, however our dream is to let every VR user experience this incredible technology on a daily basis and vastly enhance their virtual presence.

As part of this exclusive partnership, both companies are bringing precisely designed experiences which each owner of a Limited Edition Somnium X TESLASUIT DK1 will be able to feel and experience while wearing TESLASUIT and being immersed inside Somnium Space VR world:

●         Rain drops – feel rain drops on your body while it’s raining inside the Somnium VR world. From light rain to a heavy thunderstorm, you will be able to feel it all

●         AnnihilatorVR shooting game – feel realistic impacts to your body while playing an exclusive VR game in the vast persistent world of Somnium

●         Physical XR interaction – feel the touch of other players while socialising inside Somnium World in a full body (jacket + trousers) suit. Experience unparalleled immersion into social experiences

●         Music – feel the music while dancing at the most exclusive and amazing VR Discos or concert experiences inside Somnium Space

●         Full Body Tracking – TESLASUIT is capable of full body tracking, allowing you to use this suit instead of external trackers

These are the first 5 exclusive sensory experiences you will be able to try while wearing the TESLASUIT within Somnium Space.

World’s first 10 personalised Limited Edition Somnium X TESLASUIT DK1 suits:

From the 12th to the 31st July 2021, anyone will be able to purchase one of 10 Limited Edition Somnium X TESLASUIT DK1 suits during exclusive Road2TLO auctions.

These auctions will be running as a part of Somnium land auctions on decentralised Somnium Storefront on OpenSea. For the first two weeks of the Limited Edition Somnium X TESLASUIT DK1 auctions, 3 suits will be offered up for auction. For the final week of the auction, commencing Monday 26th July, four suits will be offered to conclude the opportunity. Suits are offered in the online auctions with a minimum set price, allowing people a chance to bid on the Limited Edition Somnium X TESLASUIT DK1 suit using either Ethereum or Somnium CUBEs crypto currencies. Here are few facts before the auctions:

1. To enter the auction please use the following link: AUCTION LINK HERE

2. Each suit comes with an Exclusive one of a kind NFT token

3. Each Limited Edition comprises a jacket and trousers

4. Each suit will have your name of choice printed on it

5. Each suit will be tailored to your exact body size

6. Starting auction prices in Ethereum and CUBEs will be always announced via Somnium Space official Twitter account a few days before each week’s auction alongside PARCELs, WORLDs, and other ITEMs

7. Winning price also includes worldwide priority shipping. (Does not include your local customs and other country-specific costs).

8. Each auction winner will be contacted individually to organise their personal delivery and special arrangements.

Somnium Space and TESLASUIT are incredibly excited to bring these first world-exclusive Limited Edition Somnium X TESLASUIT DK1 suits to the first 10 pioneers to let the Somnium citizens experience an unparalleled Virtual Reality Metaverse experience.

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