Senseye, the Machine Health Management company, today published a series of online films in which manufacturing and digital transformation experts explore major trends affecting manufacturers of all sizes and how the most progressive companies are adapting to them.

The series of six films, which is available on YouTube and, explores topics including the rise of predictive maintenance, how legacy industrial facilities are being transformed into smart factories, the changing nature of maintenance management roles, and how real-time manufacturing data and AI are being harnessed to improve reliability and productivity.

Expert commentary is provided by Dr Hannah Edmonds of the Manufacturing Technology Centre, Make UK’s Jim Davison, and Peter Gagg from MCP Consulting Group, as well as Senseye’s Chief Global Strategist Alexander Hill and Chief Technology Officer Rob Russell. All of the interviews were recorded remotely via webcam due to Covid lockdown restrictions in the UK.

Alexander Hill, Chief Global Strategist at Senseye, comments: “There are seismic shifts in manufacturing and technology that present significant opportunities and threats to our customers right now. With industrial organisations under more pressure than ever to save money, boost efficiency and run more reliable, productive operations, we’ve produced these films to offer new insight into the issues affecting all manufacturers and practical steps for addressing them.”

“We are incredibly grateful for the support of our partners who contributed to this project, and would like to encourage viewers to share their views and feedback for a potential follow-up series.”

Smart Future of Manufacturing & Maintenance Playlist

●        Part 1: Empowering Digital Manufacturing Teams With Knowledge (3:30)

●        Part 2: Exploring The Predictive Maintenance Journey (3:41)

●        Part 3: Sustainable ROI From Predictive Maintenance (3:31)

●        Part 4: How Is The Maintenance Manager Role Changing? (3:36)

●        Part 5: Transforming Legacy Facilities Into Smart Factories (3:29)

●        Part 6: Best Practice In Predictive Maintenance (3:23)

Watch the films at