Smart Eye AB, the world leading developer of eye tracking software for driver monitoring systems, will be exhibiting at the first all-digital CES. Apart from showcasing the company’s advanced AI-based technology, the exhibit will offer a first sneak peek of Smart Eye’s new aftermarket driver monitoring system.

For the second year in a row, Smart Eye AB will be showcasing their driver monitoring solution at CES 2021, the world’s most influential tech event. The technology showcased at Smart Eye’s digital booth will reflect the company’s more than 20 years of experience in the industry and give visitors insight into what the future holds in terms of automotive safety and convenience.

By studying a person’s eye, face and head movements, Smart Eye’s driver monitoring solution can recognize driver drowsiness or distraction and prevent traffic accidents caused by an inattentive driver. And by integrating DMS software and interior sensing system software, Smart Eye’s solution can see even further to detect people, pets and everyday objects throughout the vehicle’s interior. The combination of DMS and interior sensing system software is the next step towards seamless human-machine interaction, enabling highly advanced safety and convenience features in next generation vehicles.

Smart Eye’s exhibit at CES 2021 will also offer visitors a first glance at the company’s new aftermarket product. The upcoming launch of this AI-powered driver monitoring system marks the very first time Smart Eye has developed high-quality hardware to match the company’s highly regarded software and algorithms. As an advanced, cost-efficient solution developed for the automotive aftermarket, the Applied AI System (AIS) aims to raise the safety standard for public transport and commercial vehicles. The upcoming product launch is planned later this spring.

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– For obvious reasons, CES is going digital this year. But we look forward to the event with the same enthusiasm as ever before. It’s the best way to meet and greet customers, partners and industry peers, starting up the new year by feeling the pulse of the tech sector. You are most welcome to pay us a visit at our digital booth, says Martin Krantz, CEO and founder of Smart Eye.

Smart Eye is the market leader in developing driver monitoring software for the automotive industry, with a total of 83 design wins from 12 OEMs. Smart Eye exhibited at CES in Las Vegas for the first time in 2020. We invite you to visit the Smart Eye AB virtual booth this year, listed in the Vehicle Tech, Artificial Intelligence and Smart Cities & Resilience product categories.