Smart Eye, the leading developer of Driver Monitoring System (DMS) technology to the automotive industry, today announced the launch of AIS CV (Commercial Vehicle) Alert: a complete hardware and software driver monitoring system tailored for streamlined implementation of advanced drowsiness detection in buses and trucks. AIS CV Alert will be unveiled to the public at Smart Eye’s booth at Busworld Europe in Brussels, Belgium, October 7-12. 

AIS CV Alert is tailored to help bus and truck manufacturers integrate highly accurate drowsiness detection technology in their vehicles, without the need for extensive resources such as time, high costs or in-house expertise. The system comes with the same automotive-grade hardware as Smart Eye’s original AIS driver monitoring system, but the software has been adapted to facilitate use and installation for bus and truck manufacturers. Using a camera and AI algorithms to analyze subtle changes in a driver’s head movements, eye gaze, and facial expressions, the system detects early signs of drowsiness in real time. It then provides the vehicle with a warning, letting it promptly alert the driver and effectively prevent dangerous situations.

The system enables vehicle manufacturers to meet the European Commission’s General Safety Regulation (GSR) requirements mandating the use of Driver Drowsiness and Attention Warning (DDAW) systems. Effective from July 6, 2024, all new motor vehicles with four or more wheels, including personal cars, trucks, and buses, must be equipped with a system that measures the driver’s drowsiness levels and issues a warning if potentially hazardous levels are detected. To further support manufacturers in the process of GSR certification, Smart Eye also provides customers with a dossier – a document providing comprehensive product specifications – tailored specifically for GSR certification requirements.

AIS CV Alert is an advanced camera-based system, enabling manufacturers to rely on it for years to come. As the GSR legislation evolves, AIS CV Alert can be upgraded through simple Over The Air (OTA) software updates to meet future regulatory demands – such as camera-based distraction detection.

“The EU’s GSR legislation puts pressure on many bus and truck manufacturers to quickly implement drowsiness detection systems into their vehicles.”, said Magnus Brunzell, VP of Applied AI Systems (AIS) at Smart Eye. “AIS CV Alert is a streamlined solution for drowsiness detection, not only providing bus and truck manufacturers with everything they need to ensure a smooth path to GSR compliance, but also helping to prevent accidents caused by driver fatigue.” 

Experience AIS CV Alert firsthand at Busworld Europe in Brussels, Belgium, from October 7th to 12th, by visiting Smart Eye in booth #1149b. For more information about AIS CV Alert and Smart Eye’s driver monitoring solutions, please visit