Smart Eye, the leading developer of DMS software for the automotive industry, will deliver its technology to 12 new car models by a Korean car OEM. 

The customer is a leading Korean car manufacturer with a global manufacturing footprint. The OEM has previously sourced Smart Eye’s software for implementation in several of its earlier car models and has now chosen to extend the technology to additional vehicles.

The first three car models of this nomination are expected to go into production in the fourth quarter of this year, while the remaining cars will be launched during 2024 and early 2025. The estimated revenue for the order is SEK 350 million, based on product life cycle volume projections.

To receive additional design wins with existing customers is always nice,” said Martin Krantz, CEO and Founder of Smart Eye. ”This time I’m particularly happy with the timeline. The big OEMs are anxious to get new cars launched as the industry emerges from a period of delays in developing and ramping up new car models. We are starting to get back to the new normal.”

Smart Eye has now received a total of up to 217 design wins from 19 OEMs. The combined estimated lifetime value from current design wins is now larger than SEK 4.365 billion. The estimated value over the product lifecycle from possible additional design wins with the car manufacturers on existing platforms is SEK 4.095 billion.

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