For many logistical reasons, ingredient lines and food SMEs are increasingly seeking compact, high performance, and energy efficient contaminant detection equipment. Catering to this trend, at FoodEx 2023, stand K41 Fortress Technology will showcase several of its small footprint solutions, intentionally designed to save processors valuable production space without compromising on metal detection sensitivity.

Offering best-in-class detection of magnetic and non-magnetic metals in flour, rice, cereal, corn, grains, sugar, seeds and spices, the Fortress Mini Gravity Metal Detector, featuring a 75mm anti-static in-feed pipe with a high speed reject valve, was created specifically for busy ingredient lines where space is limited. The smaller pipe quickly separates metal contaminants from the good product flow. Resulting in less product rework and consequently waste.

Made to accommodate smaller food factory layouts, including tightly packed production facilities, low ceiling heights and for insertion between product chutes and hoppers, this Mini Gravity Metal Detector is also packed full of useful labour and time saving features. Including optional automatic testing to eliminate production downtime, reduce waste and product rework. The metal detector is also built to withstand vibrations and temperature changes without compromising performance, and can be supplied to meet hazardous location standards.

Scanning raw materials using a Mini Gravity Metal Detector as ingredients come into a factory is prudent for many reasons.  In most instances, ingredients are inspected by suppliers before delivery using a bulk inspection machine. However, a reinspection will help processors to doubly ensure that suppliers are complying and hold them accountable for ingredient quality,” emphasises commercial manager Jodie Curry

On conveyor inspection lines, a retail-spec combination metal detection and checkweighing system provides an alternative space-saver. Mounting these systems on the same conveyor results in a far smaller footprint than stand-alone units would occupy. At FoodEx 2023, Fortress presents its most compact – the 100mm belt width Raptor Combi.

Designed for high care confectionery, chocolate, bakery, packaged meats and fish, cheeses and prepared food manufacturers, this award-winning Raptor Combi accurately inspects and weight checks products and pack formats weighing from 50 grams up to 8kg and measuring up to 400mm in length.

Several innovative design features minimise this Raptor Combi’s footprint. Clever configuration of the reject mechanisms, for example, means that they occupy 50% less space than a conventional design.

For optimal sensitivity, aperture size is one of the most critical decisions. Too small and there’s a risk the product won’t pass through. Too large in relation to the product being inspected can limit the inspection performance. The Fortress team will be on hand throughout FoodEx 2023 to advise food processors on how to achieve the best performance, functionality and ROI relative to each product being quality checked for contaminants. Visit Stand K41 for some impartial guidance.

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