Saves time and costs in the design-to manufacturing handoff process by addressing manufacturability challenges

Connects designers with manufacturers to perform DFM based on specific manufacturing capabilities

Provides a secure, cloud-based, collaborative environment with no IT investment

PCBflow is designed to accelerate, simplify and improve the handoff process from design to production. Designers and manufacturers can connect to share and collaborate on the platform, and instantly deliver designs to production.

PCBflow gives each person involved in the process access to the tools and data they need to perform their role effectively. It streamlines collaboration between design and manufacturing.

This release contains design for assembly (DFA), a supplementary analysis to the PCBflow design for manufacturing (DFM) application. It includes three major components, each with a dedicated report designed to deliver conclusions to the decision-maker:

BOM Validation: Using the large Valor Part Library database, retrieve BOM component geometrical information based on the manufacturer part number to enhance your BOM with component data, to prepare for production.

Component Placement: Expose component and design placement violations by analyzing component geometry properties in comparison to the actual layout design.

Assembly DFM: Identify manufacturing violations by comparing them to real manufacturing capabilities, allowing any designer to adapt their design to the specific manufacturer’s rules.

Key New Capabilities

DFM for Assembly
Upload design and BOM files
Run a DFM analysis by selecting a specific manufacturer’s DFM profile

BOM Validation
Identify components by their manufacturer part number and retrieve components’ geometric parameters such as shape, dimensions, packaging and polarization.
Receive component indication, including match, no-match and ‘suggested component’ for user decision

Other New Capabilities
Merge design and component data to identify placement errors as well as design or component selection errors
Get reports on actionable errors per category and layer