Seica SpA, a global leader in test for over 35 years, will be presenting the latest innovative test solutions developed specifically for the EV sector at the E-Tech Europe exhibition taking place in Bologna on April 12th and 13th, booth C30-D29.

The rapid rise in demand for Electrical Vehicles within the automotive market has introduced a series of new electronic and electrical technologies and vehicle components that present new challenges for manufacturers in terms of process and, in particular, test.

One of the main concerns of many OEMs, integrators, and new start-ups is the testing of EV battery packs: the need to increase production throughput, improve reliability of the manufactured product while optimizing the cost of battery pack testing is a major challenge. A case in point are the electrical connections between the cells of an EV battery: these connections are fundamental to the correct performance and safety of the battery, so testing the bondings is a mandatory step of the battery manufacturing process.

Seica has over 10 years experience in providing solutions for this type of testing, and the Pilot BT, on display at E-Tech Europe, represents the new generation of flying probe test solutions for the specific test requirements of this increasingly high-volume manufacturing process. With its impressive parallel testing architecture, the Pilot BT is able to perform parallel, very precise Kelvin tests of 16 cells at once, achieving production rates of nearly 2400 battery cells per minute, more than doubling first generation performance. Its very large test area (1050 x 865 mm) not only enable it to handle the many battery configurations currently on the market, but the capacity to manage the configurations of the future. The standard system configuration includes a pass-through conveyance by Bosch, but it can also be configured with customer-specified conveyance solutions integrated into completely automated lines No matter the battery technology, type, size or shape, Seica has a solution for high production, reliable, and repeatable test.

Compact BMS-NX-02

The Battery Management System (BMS) is another fundamental component of any EV, and its correct operation is essential to ensure the performance, reliability and life of the batteries. The Compact BMS Test System, on display for the first time at E-Tech, is the latest addition to Seica’s Compact line of functional test solutions.  Equipped with all of the standard test instrumentation of the Seica VIP platform, it also includes dedicated instruments designed specifically to meet the functional test requirements of Battery Management Systems (BMS). These include Battery Cell Simulators which, along with hardware and software modules which provide CAN and LIN communication protocol capability, are able to simulate the full operating conditions of the BMS, providing the stimuli and measurements required to test all of its functions.

In addition to the Pilot BT and Compact BMS test systems, visitors to booth C30-D29 will be able to see Canavisia’s Industry 4.0 software and hardware solutions for the acquisition and digitalization of data coming from machines, factories and buildings with the goal of optimizing processes, maintenance and intelligent energy management on-site, over the web and from the Cloud. The system Dashboard and APP provide a real-time view of the connected resources as well as statistical reporting, and the solutions are compatible with the most widely used protocols and management software, for easy integration into existing infrastructures.

About Seica S.p.A.
Founded in 1986, Seica S.p.A. is an innovative, high technology company that develops and manufactures leading-edge solutions for the test and selective soldering of electronic boards and modules. Moreover, Seica provides battery test solutions, automotive electronic board test solutions, infotainment test, as well as electric vehicle inverter and battery charging station test systems. Seica has fully embraced the concept of Industry 4.0, developing solutions to monitor and collect information from machines and industrial plants to enable the optimization of manufacturing processes, maintenance and energy management.

Company headquarters are located in Italy, with direct offices in USA, Germany, China, Mexico and France.

About Canavisia
Canavisia is an Italian company based in Strambino (TO), part of the Seica SpA group, specialized in Energy Management, Industrial Monitoring (Industry 4.0) and Smart City solutions. Canavisia designs and manufactures products, applications, solutions and services for the acquisition and digitization of data from machines, factories, buildings and cities, allowing the connection, monitoring and control of resources with the goal of optimizing processes, maintenance and intelligent energy management. Canavisia is also the official Italian reseller of one of the world leader in Manufacturing Execution System software, able to manage all the logistic and production processes in a lean and cost effective way. All the Canavisia Solutions are compliant with the requirements of the Industry 4.0 incentives program