SailPoint Technologies, Inc., a leader in unified identity security for enterprises, has launched a digital Customer Success Centre aimed at further enabling customers at all stages of their identity security journey. The Customer Success Centre lives within the SailPoint Compass Community which boasts over 100K members. It provides SailPoint partners and customers with strategic programme resources, personalised onboarding and success planning sessions, and curated content focused on identity security. This centre is the premier destination for customers seeking to mature and ground their identity security programme leveraging SailPoint’s decades-long expertise and best practices.

“The Customer Success Centre goes beyond the traditional, service-based customer engagement model,” said Meredith Blanchar, Chief Customer Officer at SailPoint. “Our goal is to provide scalable, proactive resources alongside the personalised engagement opportunities that SailPoint customers have come to expect. We want our customers to feel empowered to take control of their identity security journey, and the Customer Success Centre will provide a centralised hub for customers to engage with the educational content and self-service resources they need to improve their identity security posture with confidence.”  

The key features the Customer Success Centre provides include:

  • Customer Success Corner: The Customer Success Corner is the homepage for the centre, featuring a wide range of essential guides plus direct access to the SailPoint Customer Success team.
  • Onboarding Guide: The onboarding guide features a series of interactive tours and resources to facilitate a seamless experience for users as their identity security programme gets off the ground and running quickly.
  • Success Planning Guide: The centre includes tools for crafting personalised success plans with the support of the SailPoint Customer Success team.
  • Customer Success Blog & Knowledge Base: Stay up to date on identity security enablement, adoption, and thought leadership, specifically curated to address the challenges faced by SailPoint customers.

The new Customer Success Centre reflects SailPoint’s dedication to empowering customers, providing them with the tools and resources they need to get the most out of their identity solutions. The centre streamlines the customer engagement process, providing a centralised location for accessing self-service resources, engaging with the Customer Success team, and staying informed on the latest updates and developments from SailPoint. The valuable, proactive resources offered through the centre can accelerate time-to-value, streamline onboarding and overall product adoption and enhance the success of the identity security programme. This centre reflects SailPoint’s commitment to a customer-first mindset, prioritising customer enablement, adoption, and satisfaction.

SailPoint remains deeply invested in building and refining the digital customer experience, with a steadfast commitment to guiding customers through the identity security process. Future iterations of the centre include plans that we believe will further enhance the customer experience through outcome-driven prescriptive product journeys, helping customers feel supported at every level of identity maturity. As identity security grows increasingly important for today’s businesses, SailPoint believes it stands out in the market with its continuing emphasis on education and empowerment.

Read the latest blog from SailPoint’s VP of Customer Success to continue learning about SailPoint’s new Customer Success Centre.

About SailPoint

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