~ TM Robotics wins large contract to supply THE600 SCARA robots ~
Shibaura Machine partner, TM Robotics has won a large contract to supply a substantial amount of THE600 SCARA robots to a global electronics assembly plant. The contract was given to TM Robotics’ Mexican distributor, Global Manufacturing Incorporated (GMI), which beat competitors both on price and specification. The arrangement includes the supply of the new THE600 SCARA robot along with the accompanying TS5000 controller.
The THE600 SCARA units will be used in a complex process, with the robot placing parts onto an electronic board.

The THE600 SCARA robot is designed for assembly and inspection applications in the electronics equipment and automobile components industries. Its features advance on the specifications of the preceding THE400 SCARA. The THE600 SCARA boasts twice the speed and 60 per cent higher payload capacity than competing SCARA models in the same price range, which makes it the price-to-performance leader.

The TS5000 controller comes as standard with the THE600 SCARA robot.

Following several years of development, the new TS5000 robot controller has served as a “launch pad” for the next generation of industrial robots from Shibaura Machine. The next-generation units feature faster position control, improved robot precision and shortened cycle times.

TMR328_TS5000 Controller
TMR328_TS5000 Controller

Compared with previous controllers, the TS5000 provides improved synchronisation and control. Its position cycle is three times faster than previous models, which allows for more control during fast movements. There is also an automatic adjustment function, which helps to reduce vibration and stress during times of acceleration.

“The customer is a major worldwide player in the consumer electronics industry,” explained Nigel Smith, President and CEO of TM Robotics. “The tireless dedication of GMI’s distribution team — including top management, technical support and the sales team — was crucial to winning this contract. For several months, we were in constant contact with the customer at all levels, from its designers to its production and project managers.”

Shibaura Machine’s SCARA robot range is available to view on the TM Robotics website. To find out more about the THE600 SCARA robot and TS50000 controller, please contact TM Robotics on +44 (0) 1707 290370 or email info@tmrobotics.com.