Leading nanomaterials innovator Quantum Science has outlined its breathtaking vision of the future in its latest white paper. The white paper demonstrates the limitless possibilities that will soon be made a reality by quantum dot (QD) technology.

The white paper is expected to attract intense interest from many sectors as the world sits on the brink of a quantum technological revolution that will bring mass-market ambient and intelligent technology into millions of homes. Future smartphones equipped with short-wave infrared (SWIR) technologies, fully automated vehicles, mass-market hyperspectral imaging technology, IoT devices and more, promise to disrupt multi-billion dollar industries as investment in quantum technology increases.

At the heart of this future are Quantum Science’s patented INFIQ® QDs. These groundbreaking nanoparticles allow for improved tunability across the infrared spectrum, offering enhanced precision for infrared (IR) sensors and imagers. As these quantum dots can be tuned for the near infrared (NIR) and SWIR spectra, they offer significantly improved performance compared to standard CMOS sensors at a much lower cost than InGaAs models.

The mass-market viability of INFIQ® QD technology means that the future of sensing and imaging technology is on the horizon. Reacting to the launch of the white paper, Dr Hao Pang, CEO and founder of Quantum Science, said, “The vision in this white paper was once only the dream of science fiction writers. Thanks to our INFIQ®QDs, it is within touching distance of becoming reality on a mass-market scale for the first time.”

“They deliver performance comparable to – and in some cases exceeding – that of InGaAs sensors without the prohibitive cost. Imagine a future where smartphones work using facial recognition from SWIR sensors beneath an edge-to-edge panel display, offering advanced 3D mapping and improved geolocation. Imagine if production line robots could automatically detect poor-quality components using improved SWIR data and filter them out of the production process. Imagine a future of fully automated cars navigating safely using advanced ADAS systems. All of this starts with the SWIR imaging capabilities of INFIQ® QDs.”

Quantum Science’s white paper is expected to attract a high level of interest as INFIQ® technology is already hotly anticipated by the global sensing and imaging markets.

Dr Pang added, “The interest we’ve already had in our pioneering INFIQ®technology is tremendous and is only getting more intense as we get closer to mass production. We are delighted to have agreed some worldwide distribution deals with global market leaders across several industries, with many more in the pipeline.”

“We’re thrilled that so many major players across the world share our exciting vision of the future. We would invite anyone who wants to join us on this groundbreaking journey to get in touch!”

About Quantum Science (QS)
QS is a leading British materials innovation company that focuses on developing and commercialising QDs, nanomaterials and technologies for the machine vision and sensing markets. QS teams are world-leading experts in QD synthesis and scale-up, nanocrystal and nanoparticle surface engineering, ink formulation, thin-film processing and QD semiconductor device engineering.

For more information on Quantum Science and its activities, please contact Quantum Science Ltd., Office S03, Techspace One, Sci-Tech Daresbury, Keckwick Lane, Daresbury, Warrington, WA4 4AB, United Kingdom