Industrial software developer, COPA-DATA has launched a ground-breaking Module Type Package (MTP) Suite as part of its zenon software platform. To introduce this technology to the life sciences and process industries, COPA-DATA will deliver a free MTP with zenon webinar on May 3, 2022, at 8.00am and 3.00pm GMT. Attendees should register their interest in advance on the COPA-DATA website.

The webinar has been developed for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and end customers in the process industries who want to use technology to make their production more flexible and modular. The event will provide attendees with the basic knowledge of MTP, its role in the life sciences and chemical industries, and demonstrate a real project example of the technology in action.

What is MTP?

MTP is the cross-industry and cross-manufacturer standardization of the interfaces of different pieces of machinery which form a module. The basic requirement for modular production is uniform descriptions of information for modules. MTP makes this possible by breaking down a production line into smaller modules and makes them all speak the same language, thus making them interchangeable.

COPA-DATA_ Bernhard Korten
      COPA-DATA_ Bernhard Korten

“The zenon MTP Suite can be compared to a home office set up,” explains Bernhard Korten, Industry Manager for Life Sciences and Process Industry at COPA-DATA. “Regardless of whether your computer or laptop are from a certain brand, you can plug in a keyboard from a different manufacturer without encountering any problems. Even a printer can be connected easily, giving the user quick access to another tier of functions. Similarly, MTP enables users to directly access the available services of any individual modules.”

In a manufacturing facility, this functionality is achieved through the integration of MTP on the process orchestration layer (POL). As the name suggests, this is the layer of a plant’s technology in which different processes are directed and launched.

“The MTP model promises faster time-to-market for batch production than many other methods due to the ease of integration of prefabricated modules,” says Bernhard Korten. “During the webinar, we will examine how the straightforward integration of different production modules could allow manufacturers to produce multiple types of products with little engineering effort — hence the phrase we used to describe this technology; plug-and-produce.”

Presenting the webinar alongside Korten are, Giuseppe Menin, also Industry Manager for Life Sciences and Process Industry, Christof Franzke, Senior Technical Consultant for Key Accounts, Mathias Lackner, Technical Project Leader and Herbert Oberauer, Developer at COPA-DATA.

You can find more information on the zenon MTP Suite at or you can register to attend the webinar at

You are already working on an MTP strategy in your company? Here, you can validate your MTP files online for free:

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