In a groundbreaking new book, author and AI expert Steve Nicholls aims to make artificial intelligence accessible and actionable for entrepreneurs and midsize companies worldwide. Titled “The AI Business Opportunity,” the book demystifies AI concepts, provides a practical blueprint for AI adoption, and explores AI’s transformative potential across sectors.

Launched today at the EU-Start-ups Summit in Malta, “The AI Business Opportunity” simplifies the complexities of AI into clear, non-technical language. Through pragmatic insights, case studies, and proven strategies, the book equips business leaders to harness AI as a catalyst for exponential growth, innovation, and competitive advantage.

“AI is no longer a technology of the future – it’s reshaping businesses today,” said Nicholls. “This book guides midsize companies to unlock AI’s unparalleled capabilities ethically and sustainably, driving real-world results.”

Highlights of “The AI Business Opportunity” include:

  • AI Essentials: Breaking down key AI concepts like machine learning and algorithms
  • 7-Step AI Strategy Blueprint: A roadmap for seamless AI adoption and integration
  • Tailored AI Solutions: Techniques for identifying areas to apply AI for maximum impact
  • Cross-Industry Case Studies: Learning from AI leaders across sectors
  • AI Governance & Compliance: Ethical frameworks for responsible AI management

With extensive industry experience, Nicholls leverages his problem-solving prowess to make AI accessible to businesses of all backgrounds. As the founder of, he champions the role of AI in catalysing growth for midsize companies through personalised solutions and counsel.

The book is available for purchase globally through major retailers and at Join the AI revolution and unlock your business’s full potential with “The AI Business Opportunity.”