Pegmatis, a design and development company with a seasoned team of manufacturing, hardware and software specialists, can consult with and work with investors who are evaluating whether or not a product will be viable and suitable for market.

Pegmatis specializes in the end-to-end development of products as well as challenging, complex projects and emerging technologies. The co-founders often remark, “the chances are that you have one of the products we have designed or manufactured in your home.”

The company’s software development staff works hand-in-hand with its in-house hardware designers, and together they work with trusted suppliers, manufacturers and partners to keep abreast of the latest technological advancements.

With award-winning designs in connected / IoT products, the Pegmatis team has worked with associated ecosystems of software assets such as manufacturing test infrastructure, manufacturing and post-manufacturing device provisioning, as well as mobile, web or desktop applications and cloud-based infrastructures.

Pegmatis’ hardware team has extensive experience with prototyping and miniaturization. Prototyping plays a crucial role in any design and development project.

Pegmatis has the entire skill-set in-house to help you as an investor to evaluate a project.

Pegmatis capitalizes on experience and technology to engineer a better future.