• Specialist HR tool reduces time to answer analytical queries by 45 minutes in pilot project
  • Ada is named after English mathematician Ada Lovelace, who was born 205 years ago today

Peak Indicators, a UK-based data science consultancy, today announced the launch of Ada, the world’s first artificial intelligence (AI) digital assistant designed to improve how HR professionals, data analysts and line managers obtain analytical insights from HR data.

Accessed via a web browser and voice-activated devices, companies can deploy Ada to a wide range of applications and portals, and query their data using both simple and complex natural language commands. Ada uses a secure encrypted connection to interrogate company data contained in cloud and on-premise databases.

Say Hello to Ada, our NEW Analytics Digital Assistant https://youtu.be/eLduWVjBAvI

Ada dramatically reduces the time taken to answer HR data queries and makes it easy for people with no previous analytics experience to obtain their own analytical insights about their teams and employees. During a pilot project at a large international financial services organisation, Ada reduced the time taken by HR analysts to answer individuals queries by 45 minutes each, on average.

Antony Heljula, Technical Director at Peak Indicators, comments: “Ada is a game-changer for the use of data and analytics in organisations, enabling data analysts to work more efficiently than ever before and making it possible for many more people to access the insight they need, exactly when they need it. With Ada we’ve built an analytics digital assistant that is as easy to use as Alexa or Siri, and as secure as the HR databases it will query. We expect it to transform the use of data in HR and save large analytics teams hundreds of hours every month.”

Ada is named after Ada Lovelace, the English mathematician considered by many to be the world’s first computer programmer, who was born 205 years ago today.