To introduce its UK customers to a new AI solution to make spare and wear parts ordering both simple and quick, TRUMPF is staging a webinar on Tuesday 27th April, 10:00 hrs.  Launched at its recent INTECH virtual open house event, this new Easy Order app allows TRUMPF machine operators to identify and order over 10,000 different parts in a matter of seconds. 

All they have to do, is take a photo of the part on their smartphone or mobile device and upload it into the app; sometimes this can even be done while the machine is running.  The solution is particular useful for identifying parts whose identification number or code has become indistinguishable through wear. It’s also great for parts such as suction cups and filters that come in many different, but similar, variants.

The part recognition process works on the basis of an artificial neural network.  This network will now be continuously updated with images of parts and photos from real production environments to enrich the database from which the AI system will develop algorithms for fast object recognition.

To register for demonstration go to:-