UR Group (UK), a European provider of advanced connectivity, today announced it has entered into a new Indirect Reseller partnership with Nokia (NYSE: NOK) and Nokia distribution partner, Nuvias. Together, the companies will develop specialised turnkey 5G private wireless solutions that empower transportation, manufacturing, defence, energy, and other industrial customers to transform the way they do business.

Through this partnership, UR Group (UK) will use its deep understanding of Intelligent Transportation System (ITS), Industrial IoT (IIoT) and other industrial communications use cases with Nokia’s state-of-the-art portfolio of market-leading private wireless technology, including Nokia Digital Automation Cloud (DAC) and services for advanced connectivity solutions that meet the growing business-critical connectivity needs of UK based customers.

Nokia and UR Group (UK) will work together to develop high-speed 5G private wireless networks that allow enterprise customers to have secure, reliable, and low-latency solutions. In addition, these solutions will provide customers with reliable tracking capability, remote condition monitoring (RCM) and conduct preventive maintenance.

“Nokia provides UR Group (UK) with market-leading private wireless communications and edge-to-cloud solutions that we need to offer customers advanced connectivity solutions so that they can yield a high return on their investment,” said Joe Matano, Managing Director, UR Group (UK). “By combining Nokia’s high-performance, reliable devices, services, and software with our integrated services and technical expertise, we can deliver to industrial customers specialised solutions that address their unique connectivity requirements.”

“Nokia has deployed mission-critical networks to more than 2,200 leading enterprise customers in the transport, energy, large enterprise, manufacturing, webscale, and public sector segments around the globe. We have also extended our expertise to more than 485 large private wireless customers worldwide across an array of sectors and have been cited by numerous industry analysts as the leading provider of private wireless networking worldwide. We are excited to partner with Nuvias and UR Group, providing our leading-edge 4.9G and 5G private wireless network solutions, enabling state-of-the-art digital transformation across industries.” Derek Lister, Customer Business Team Partner Head- Europe West and South.