Over the last five years, Vienna has increasingly established itself as an engineering hotspot for e-mobility. To meet this growing importance for the industry and increasing demand, hofer powertrain has opened a new location in the Austrian capital. The aim is to support customers locally and worldwide and to drive innovations in the field of e-drive technology forward at a faster pace.

On April 17, 2023, the new site opened its doors, under the leadership of location director Klaus Wawra, who is focusing on driving business development and competence build-up. Ahead of the official opening, the first qualified automotive customers who place their trust in the engineering expertise of hofer powertrain had already been acquired.

“In the first days of opening, our primary goal is to rapidly provide resilient concepts and first-class engineering competencies for our customers,” explains Klaus Wawra on the current state.

Hofer Powertrain makes its core competencies in the field of electrified powertrains accessible at the new location. The highly qualified team of experts brings strong expertise in the inverter, software, system, and electric motor development and looks forward to meeting the individual requirements of automotive customers and translating them into high-performance drive technology. All this is done taking into account the growing market trend for 800V and higher high voltages, while at the same time meeting the ever-increasing demands for faster charging, higher power density, improved efficiency, and reduced production costs. Here, in Vienna, hofer powertrain not only covers the above-mentioned main areas but also provides the entire spectrum of products and services, from concept development to simulation work and full-scale testing to small-scale production support.

Thanks to its proximity to the airport and the Vienna Exhibition Center, customers benefit from the immediate vicinity of all the company’s development competencies. Furthermore, it offers employees an attractive working environment that can be proudly showcased and attracts new talent to the site. The proximity to renowned educational institutions such as TU Wien, FH Technikum Wien, FH Campus Wien, HTL TGM Wien 20, HTL Donaustadt, and HTL Rennweg offers great exchange and collaboration opportunities, as well as access to talented, aspiring professionals. Every year, several international conferences on e-mobility and automotive engineering take place in Vienna, enabling hofer powertrain to further expand its presence at these important events.

“We are looking forward to rapid progress and strong collaboration with all nearby locations in Austria, Germany, Hungary, and Liechtenstein, forming an important hub for e-mobility and engineering innovations in the European area, which underlines our strong commitment to greener and more efficient mobility,” concludes Klaus Wawra.

For more information, visit www.hoferpowertrain.com.