Rejuve, the decentralized AI-powered longevity research network, has recently appointed its new CEO and CTO, Jasmine Smith and Dr Deborah Duong. The new leadership team will help make the venture commercially available through the Longevity App, which will allow users to improve their health span while earning rewards for discounted healthcare products. Rejuve is a spinoff of SingularityNET, the first decentralized AI network. 

Rejuve aims to extend the human health span as much as possible through research based on voluntarily donated medical data. Data will be securely tracked through blockchain technology and contributors will retain the ownership of their medical information and will be granted fair compensation for supplying data in the form of tokens, redeemable for supplements, DNA test kits or longevity therapies.

Guiding the project towards a successful completion and market launch will be Jasmine Smith and Dr Deborah Duong, the new CEO and CTO, respectively.

Prior to joining Rejuve, Jasmine Smith served for years as a community moderator in the SingularityNET ecosystem. A natural born problem solver, her main goal was to transition Rejuve from an early-stage research initiative to a commercially available service, eliminating all obstacles in between. As the new CEO, she will be responsible for ensuring the growth of the community of data contributors, whose biodata will provide essential information for Rejuve’s cutting edge longevity research.

“Longevity science is on the edge of amazing breakthroughs, with more funding and research than ever before,” stated Smith. “However, longevity research should be a communal endeavour and not a perk for the privileged few. To ensure this, retaining ownership of the medical data we produce is crucial. Too often, these data are siphoned and sold off before the contributors know it, without them seeing a reward. Longevity programs based on decentralized ownership of medical data, such as Rejuve, are the only way to ensure that the results of longevity research stay open, accessible and decentralized.”

Smith will be supported by Dr Deborah Duong, an Artificial Intelligence Researcher focusing on computational social science, complex adaptive systems (CAS) and coevolutionary computation. She has over 30 years of experience in AI and CAS simulation, ten of which in healthcare. Her life’s work, a symbolic interactionist simulation of trade and emergent roles (SISTER), was used for simulations on topical issues such as corruption and political popular support.

One area of her current research is emergent social phenomena among AI agents that generate data driven casual models. She also researches blockchain token economics that incentivize social good and creates simulation proofs of these systems. For Rejuve, Dr Duong is developing a tokenonomy based on non-fungible tokens (NFTs) that guarantee that data and IP donors own the products of their contributions forever.

“I envision the Rejuve ecosystem as the first true economy that uses the principles of decentralized AI to harness the power of social networks into scientific solutions to aging,” she commented. “This will be possible through a collaboration between decentralized AI and member stakeholders, incentivized to contribute through a just autonomous organization that guarantees they own the fruits of their labour”.

Rejuve will soon launch its Longevity App, available for both iPhone and Android. To keep updated on the app launch and be notified about the opportunity of becoming a Rejuve Member, complete the form on the website.