Micropsi Industries, a provider of artificial intelligence-powered vision systems for industrial and collaborative robots (cobots), today announced that its flagship product, MIRAI, won the “New Product of the Year” award for the robotics category at the 2023 Assembly Show. MIRAI, which leverages AI to automate tasks too difficult or costly to automate with traditional programming, was one of 20 products nominated by the editors of Assembly Magazine across five categories. Thousands of suppliers, buyers and users of assembly equipment in manufacturing who attended the show in Rosemont, Illinois, in late October were then invited to vote for their favorite innovations. 

Thermal treatment company HWL recently deployed MIRAI in its Berlin factory to replace the repetitive task of handling reflective metal objects despite the variance in size, position and appearance of the objects and changing lighting conditions.

Using AI, MIRAI generates robot movements directly and in real time. Robot skills (or specific tasks) are trained, not programmed, in a few days through human demonstration, without users needing AI knowledge. MIRAI uniquely enables robots to handle variance in shape, position, color and light conditions in the workspace, facilitating the automation of tasks that were previously too complex or costly to automate.

“With increasing customer demands and dynamic environments, manufacturers continue to look for robust, flexible and cost-effective automation solutions to handle complex tasks such as assembly, screw driving or leak testing,” said Matt Jones, Vice President of US Sales and Operations, Micropsi Industries. “The MIRAI visions system is the answer, enabling robots to react to multiple variances without the need for traditional programming. To be nominated by the editors of Assembly Magazine and then voted the robotics winner further validates the unique capabilities MIRAI offers robot users.”

To start its training, the MIRAI-equipped robot is repeatedly shown both a task and the environment with the help of a camera that is typically mounted on the robot’s wrist. The recorded movements are then transformed into a skill capable of handling variances and dynamic environmental conditions. With MIRAI, users of robots from Universal Robots, Fanuc and KUKA (as well as others on request) can quickly create flexible and high-performing robotic movement.

For more information about MIRAI and to see a demo, please click here.

About Micropsi Industries

Micropsi Industries provides artificial intelligence-powered vision system for industrial and collaborative robots (cobots). MIRAI, its flagship product, allows these robotic arms to be controlled in real time, in direct response to sensor information. This is made possible by AI that enables the robots to learn from humans and deal with variances so they can more easily and cost-effectively operate in dynamic environments. With offices in Berlin and San Francisco, Micropsi Industries is working to make task-specific machine learning a reality in industrial automation. The company’s vision is to reliably automate work processes while reducing the effort required. Learn more at micropsi-industries.com