Earlier this year, Silicon Labs announced our new families of SoCs with a focus on Matter, AI and machine learning (ML), multiprotocol and Bluetooth: the BG24 and MG24. At the time, it was shared that there were over 50 global customers participating in the Alpha program, maxxing out the space in the program. Now that they are generally available, Silicon Labs wanted to share some of the success from the early adopters of the new SoCs:

● Edge Impulse is using the BG24 and MG24 to deliver a powerful embedded ML platform for companies building AI-aware products. Embedded developers can use Edge Impulse to design automated data labeling, pre-built digital signal processing and ML blocks, live classification testing and digital twins that are less complex, more contextual and easier to develop than ever.
● SensiML is using the built-in AI/ML accelerator on the Silicon Labs BG24 and MG24 SoCs to explore new intelligent applications for their customers.
● Viessman, a global heating and refrigeration provider, is taking advantage of the low-energy requirements of the BG24 and MG24 SoCs to create battery-powered heating and refrigeration products.
● Nanoleaf, a smart lighting vendor for the home, is using the MG24’s support of Matter to build smart home products that can integrate into the users ecosystem of choice.
● Tuya, an IoT development platform is using the MG24 and Matter to unify the 400,000 IoT solutions they support that account for 200 million devices every year.
● Leedarson, who helps manufacturers build, test, and deploy IoT solutions, is using Matter on the MG24 so its customers can take advantage of interoperability and have confidence that a single application can scale across projects.

You can find more about how MG24 and BG24 SoCs to gain an edge at the edge, here: https://silabs.com/blog/silicon-labs-bg24-and-mg24-socs-now-available-to-help-customers-and-partners-bring-matter-ai-ml-and-innovation-to-iot.