Vinfast Lithium Battery Pack (VLBP), manufacturers of batteries for the Vinfast group’s electric motorcycles, chose FPT Software’s Manufacturing Execution System, akaMES, and achieved an 18% increase in productivity and a 10% reduction in costs at their plant in Vietnam.  Founded only five years ago, Vinfast is becoming a major force in the electric vehicle field and is already rolling out sales and production of e-cars and e-motorcycles, with its own lithium batteries, into the USA and Europe. VLBP manufactured batteries for 100,000 of the business’s e-motorcycles last year, up 36% on the previous year.

VinFast was founded in 2017 as a division of the Vietnamese conglomerate VinGroup. The company is building a mega-factory and battery facility in the US state of North-Carolina, which will be as big as their facilities in Vietnam and CEO Pham Thuy Linh has stated that they are also looking for an appropriate location for a European factory.

MOM/MES package

After studying VLBP existing business workflow and information systems, FPT Software installed a customised version of their akaMES, a versatile platform that manages, monitors and synchronizes the production processes, in real time, from raw materials to finished goods. The package delivered to Vinfast has eight modules incorporating production, traceability, warehouse, integrity, insight, quality and digital checklist. Three months on from implementation, with the new system operating 24/7, stability has increased to 95%. productivity is up 18%, costs down 10% and time-savings are already being achieved of 20%. Operators are being freed from tedious rule-based data entry, which is replaced with QR or barcode for item information. Real time reporting and feedback on process performance enables managers to keep close track of production processes and respond quickly to any anomalies that might occur.

As an all-in-one MOM/MES package, akaMES can help business operations as a whole linked to supply chain efficiency and automation, working toward greater efficiency over time, as well as to monitor, manage, and optimize the day-to-day processes inside the factory. Increased supply-chain efficiency and business agility is achieved through reliable and optimized information workflows between shop floor and business operations. The system also helps to evolve the interactions between human and machines in the factory.

High automation and scaleability

Vinfast is taking advantage of its late entry into the automotive industry to elect to go for highly automated production of electric vehicles. A distinguishing feature of all its vehicles, which includes cars and recently added buses as well as two-wheel options, is the level of digital interfacing between machine and driver. The company is also geared to its planned rapid expansion at home and abroad, which was part of the appeal of the akaMES package, which is easily scaleable and readily integrates with ERP systems

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