Laiye, the pioneer of the Work Execution System, currently serving one in five Fortune 500 companies today announced it has gained a place in the Crown Commercial Service’s (CCS) latest G-Cloud framework: G-Cloud 13.

Laiye is proud to become a CCS Supplier after only one year since its entry into the EMEA region, in a process that typically takes start-ups years to achieve. The G-Cloud 13 initiative acts as a centralised hub for the efficient procurement of cloud-related IT services by UK public sector organisations including central and local governments, education, defence and non-profit organisations.

With the launch of G-Cloud 13, UK public sector organisations can now leverage Laiye solutions to apply greater automation capabilities to their business, and help employees to improve their own jobs by automating the vital but time-consuming, low-value tasks. As UK organisations continue to put their weight behind remote working models, Laiye can now help them improve remote management.

A recent study proved automating back-office admin is essential to productivity both for a business and ultimately a nation: 54% of UK employers state these boring and inefficient office tasks are a major barrier to productivity. The result is the Work Execution Gap: the divide between the work experience employees want and the one employers offer.

Laiye’s industry-first Work Execution System collates all AI and automation products commonly used by businesses when trying to modernise the back office, providing a single platform which can augment the human workforce with ‘Digital Assistants’ and therefore close the Work Execution Gap boosting productivity.

The Laiye services that are available on the latest iteration of the G-Cloud 13 framework are:

  • Robotic Process Automation
  • Conversational AI-Chatbots
  • Intelligent Document Processing (IDP)
  • Process Mining

One of Laiye’s most competitive offers is its Business Guarantee scheme, which offers all customers a risk-free incentive to businesses looking to embark on their digital transformation journey. If pre-agreed business metrics are not met within the set time frame, Laiye will refund 100% of the value of the software licence fees. Interested parties may wish to access G-Cloud 13 Lots 1-3 via the new digital Contract Award Service (CAS) platform.

We are thrilled to join the G-Cloud 13 framework,” said Guanchun Wang, Chairman and CEO of Laiye. “Within a year of our launch in the UK and Europe, we have seen businesses in the region enthusiastically adopt our technology, truly seeing that the Work Execution System represents the change they need. We live in a world where the very nature of ‘work’ is changing, and where macro-trends like employee experience and customer experience demand better capabilities, and Laiye is committed to delivering the solutions they need.”

About Laiye

Laiye is the pioneer of the Work Execution System, a business and technology framework built around synergy and collaboration between human and digital workers. Laiye’s software helps businesses address their digital transformation needs and scale their digital workforce, uniting in one platform the disparate tools businesses use to carry out digital tasks, such as Intelligent Document Processing, Conversational AI, Process Mining, Intelligent Automation and others. Built on the premise of an open ecosystem, Laiye helps businesses optimise the technologies they already have in place. Laiye is the first company in its industry to commit to a full business results guarantee, promising to return 100% of licence fees should agreed business outcomes not be achieved. Laiye has an international presence in Europe, China, South East Asia, and the Americas.

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