Kofax®, a leading supplier of Intelligent Automation software for digital workflow transformation, today announces the latest release of its Intelligent Automation Platform. The new release accelerates deployments by better enabling citizen as well as professional developers, resulting in greater business value and a shorter return on investment (ROI) for customers.

Kofax TotalAgility®, the workflow orchestration engine within the company’s Intelligent Automation Platform, has been enhanced with 50 new low-code, document intelligence, process orchestration and connected systems capabilitiesminimising the need for costly custom coding or multiple solutions from different vendors. Low-code capabilities empower citizen developers to rapidly design, automate and transform business-critical workflows while adhering to existing IT governance and protocols. Kofax TotalAgility harnesses intuitive tools such as visual business rules, decision trees and process flows. All users, regardless of their technical proficiency, can quickly automate workflows, meeting immediate business needs and driving rapid ROIs.

“Kofax TotalAgility’s value proposition is captured in its name. It gives organisations the total agility they need to quickly innovate and develop solutions to drive a business forward,” says Mark Wallin, Vice President of Commercial Product Management at Kofax. “The capabilities announced today give our customers access to the best-in-class tools they need to accomplish more—in less time and using fewer resources.”

Among the new key features in Kofax TotalAgility:

  • Faster development of automation workflows. A new user experience extends low-code to more business users by empowering citizen developers and analysts to easily setup complex workflows. In addition, an enhanced business rules engine allows analysts to execute decision strategies by using visual condition rules and setting up custom services without needing to actually code. As a result, organisations can optimise processes through iterations and realise more value faster while responding to the urgent needs in the business environment.
  • Expanded low-code support for cognitive Nearly 90 percent of data generated today is unstructured. At the same time, most organisations generate overwhelming amounts of unstructured data, which must be managed so it can be harnessed in automation projects. However, doing so requires human intervention and time-consuming steps to drive actionable outcomes. Expanding on Kofax’s industry-leading cognitive capture functionality, today’s release enables professional developers to build advanced AI and Capture models, allowing them to train the system and effectively incorporate document intelligence.
  • One-click document classification. Understanding and classifying unstructured data is critical to drive automation. Kofax TotalAgility now enables citizen developers and business analysts to enhance advanced document classification models, empowering them to rapidly and visually train, identify and classify documents with a simple click. This, in turn, drives significant efficiency, accelerates development cycles, and reduces errors.
  • Additional low-code integration options. Simplified integrations include new support for OpenAPI and grouping of data, enabling data models to be defined manually or using simple JavaScript Object Notation (JSON). Moreover, enhanced support for industry-standard OAuth 2.0 provides greater authorisation and authentication options.

The latest version of Kofax TotalAgility also features tighter integration with other Kofax Intelligent Automation platform capabilities, including Kofax RPA™, Kofax Mobile ID™ and Verification, Kofax SignDoc®, and Kofax ControlSuite™.

According to Gartner, Inc., “By 2023, the number of active citizen developers at large enterprises will be at least four times the number of professional developers.” *

More information about today’s Kofax TotalAgility release is available here.

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