Janus Remote Communications, an industry leader in the design and manufacture of precision IoT products and solutions, is pleased to announce it has achieved Verizon certification for their CellBridge™ LTE910XFX v1.00 Cat1 “X” Footprint (XF) Embedded Cellular modem. The LTE910XFX v1.00 CAT1 embedded modem uses the Telit LE910C1-WWXD as its cellular engine.

The LTE910XFX v1.00 units operate in CAT1 LTE 4G, 3G, and 2G bands and are qualified for worldwide operation

The LTE910XFX v1.00 features industry standard 20-pin connector footprint, two U.FL ports for antenna diversity and easy migration path. Development kits are available.

The CellBridge™ LTE910XFX v1.00 units provide customers with the fastest possible route to market and are ideal for use in any IoT telemetry and Telematics applications including fleet and asset management, vending, security, health and safety, remote monitoring, e-maintenance and many telemetry applications. The Janus line of “X” Footprint (XF) embedded cellular Modems are specifically designed to provide customers with cost-effective products that are easily integrated into new and existing designs. They allow users to add robust, scalable cellular connectivity to any IoT application with few integration or cellular certification issues. Take the complexity out of designing cellular IoT solutions with Janus Embedded Modems.

About Janus

Janus Remote communications is a Wireless IoT Enabler that provides state-of-the-art products and services for the worldwide Internet of Things (IoT) marketplace. We offer a complete line of carrier-certified hardware and software applications as well as full solutions, including System Architecture, Hardware Design, Firmware Design, Database Design, User Interface Tools, Hardware Manufacturing and Applications Software.

For more information on Telit, visit: www.Telit.com.