IRIS Software Group (IRIS), is today announcing a partnership with cloudapps empowering business leaders through AI-powered revenue intelligence tools to provide precise, efficient, and fast delivery of insightful predictions.  

With the Credit Protection Association reporting around 50,000 UK businesses fail every year due to a lack of cash flow, the need for accurate, real-time data to provide mission-critical insights on performance and financial forecasts is essential in today’s environment. IRIS and cloudapps recognise leaders across several industries need tools that easily adapt to industry-specific scenarios without having to rely on outside experts to manually refresh predictive models.

Through this partnership, businesses in IRIS’ core focus areas of accountancy, education, HR and payroll will have access to next-level accurate insights quickly and efficiently. From a flexible, best-in-class offering that can seamlessly be adapted to fluctuating business conditions without the need for specialised data analysts to rebuild new models.

In most cases, a budget needs to be put aside for data analysts to build and run forecasting and data analytics models for specific queries or use cases. With this partnership, accountants, HR professionals, school and multi-academy trust leaders will be able to quickly overlay different data sets to leverage crucial and accurate insights. Overcoming historic barriers with siloed data will enable businesses to answer key performance questions around customer, pupil and staff retention, performance, potential revenue-growth areas and how to evolve market segmentation. Ultimately helping them create, maintain and grow their ecosystem.

Alan Hartwell, CTO of IRIS comments, “We all know the power of data and the role it plays in decision-making, especially in times of economic slowdown. But there are certain industries that are using their crucial insights better than others.

“Partnering with cloudapps will bring a no-code predictive solution to businesses that have been overlooked, enabling business forecasting and informed decision-making as we get through this wave of economic slowdown.”

Andy McDonald, CEO, cloudapps comments, “We are proud to be working closely with a leading software company such as IRIS. Business leaders will be able to use Deep Learning models which benefit from extensive amounts of data, learning from it and becoming more accurate over time. With IRIS, we are bringing our unique AI software to underserved business leaders to promote untapped potential and unlock data insights needed to drive their teams and revenue.”