Indium Corporation experts will share their technical insight and knowledge on automotive and electric vehicle (EV) materials solutions as part of an e-Mobility forum at PCIM Europe, May 10-12, Nuremberg, Germany.

In power electronics soldering applications, precise assembly alignment is critical to achieve reliable performance and repeatable manufacturing. Alignment tools and fixtures are effective in maintaining alignment, but are complex and expensive. Until now, alternative methods of leveraging tacking materials to affix the assembly required tradeoffs in soldering quality, process windows, and long-term equipment maintenance.

Joe Hertline, product manager – ESM/power electronics
    Joe Hertline, Product        Manager – ESM/Power      Electronics

In his presentation, Emerging Tacking Material Technology Improves Flux-Free Soldering Quality in EV Power Module Applications, Joe Hertline, product manager – ESM/power electronics, will explore an emerging material technology for formic acid/vacuum soldering processes that are common in EV power electronics. InTACK™ is a flux-free solution that maintains precise alignment over an extended working time while achieving high-quality soldering performance and avoiding extra cleaning or maintenance processes for production.

Hertline will also participate in a poster session, where he will discuss the impact of how manufacturing processes related to soldered and sintered power modules have strong influence on costs, reliability, and lifetime of the products. Reliance on complex, costly alignment tooling is growing as power module designers seek improved reliability performance. In Novel Material Technology Reduces Tool and Fixturing Complexity for Solder Preforms in Power Module Assembly, he will share how InTACK™ delivers exceptional soldering and sintering results without post-process cleaning steps.

Dean Payne, Product Manager – Semiconductor
Dean Payne, Product Manager – Semiconductor

Indium Corporation’s Dean Payne, product manager – semiconductor, will give a vendor presentation on Pb-Free Die-Attach Materials for Power Discrete Components and Power Modules. Indium Corporation embodies the belief that material science changes the world. This presentation will introduce some of Indium Corporation’s most recent material developments and the benefits they bring to power electronics packaging. These products include a high-temperature lead-free solder solution capable of outperforming high-Pb solder in die-attach and clip-attach applications in power discrete packages and small multi-chip module packages. Another material development is pressure Ag sinter paste for die-attach applications in power module assemblies for EV/hybrid electric vehicle traction inverters.

Hertline is a product manager for engineered solder materials, focusing on power electronics applications. He is responsible for driving the growth of the power electronics product line through development and implementation of marketing strategies supported by customer experience, emerging technologies, and industry feedback. He also collaborates with Indium Corporation’s sales, technical support, R&D, production, and quality teams to serve existing customers and grow new business in his designated market. Hertline earned a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering and an MBA from Clarkson University in Potsdam, N.Y.

Payne is a product manager for semiconductors, responsible for driving profitable growth of Indium Corporation’s power semiconductor materials, which include high-Pb die-attach paste, high-temperature Pb-free solutions, and sintering materials. He collaborates with internal departments, including sales, technical service, R&D, production, and quality, and provides support for all semiconductor and advanced assembly materials. Payne is based at Indium Corporation’s Asia-Pacific Operations in Singapore. Payne has more than 13 years of experience in semiconductor/wafer fabrication. Prior to that, he worked as a photolithography process engineer for an international semiconductor assembly and test facility, where he analyzed data, updated process specifications, and supervised process engineers. He holds multiple certifications from the University of Wales and Coleg Gwent in the United Kingdom, including the Level 3 National Vocational Qualification in electrical and electronic engineering, the Higher National Certificate in electrical and electronic engineering, and the Higher National Diploma in engineering.

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