The new moneo starter kit from ifm electronic provides everything needed for users to start exploring and enjoying the benefits of Industry 4.0 and the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Developed specifically to be easy to use, the kit includes all the hardware and software required to implement condition monitoring for motors, fans, pumps and other simple machines. Not only is the solution provided by the kit comprehensive and fully functional, it also offers almost unlimited scalability and easy integration with existing IT infrastructure.

“Most manufacturing companies now see that Industry 4.0 is the best route to a secure and profitable future,” said Paul Stansfield of ifm electronic, “but many are daunted by the apparent cost and complexity of starting out on this route. Our moneo system addresses these issues and the new moneo starter kit is the perfect way for companies to ‘dip their toes in the water’. But it’s much more than just a trial package or a training aid – it’s a very useful standalone system that can easily be extended to cover additional machines and plant.”

Included in the moneo starter kit hardware package are two vibration sensors, a speed sensor, a temperature sensor and a four-way IO-Link master, together with a moneo processing unit with the moneo IIoT platform pre-installed, and a wifi access point. Also included are a power supply and all necessary interconnecting cable to ensure that the kit offers a ready-to-use plug-and-play solution. The kit is sold only in conjunction with the moneo starter kit software licence.

The kit can be used to monitor motor speed and winding temperature, effective value of vibration velocity, effective value of acceleration, acceleration crest factor and maximum value of acceleration. Values for all parameters can be inspected using a customisable dashboard-style interface and alarm limits can be easily set as required. Data can also be logged for subsequent reporting and analysis.