Infor, the industry cloud company, today announced that Hydrite, an integrated manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and related services, has selected Infor CloudSuite Chemicals to help manage critical business processes and transform its business. This solution will provide Hydrite with real-time visibility across its entire enterprise and tools to handle the complicated pricing methods associated with manufacturing and distributing commodity chemicals.

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Hydrite is one of North America’s largest independent distributors and manufacturers of specialty and industrial chemicals. It has a network of manufacturing facilities, warehouses and laboratories in Wisconsin, Illinois, Iowa, Indiana, California and Texas, with nearly 1,000 employees in 25 states. The company celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2019 and has big plans before its 100th — from expanding plants and moving corporate offices to transforming digitally.

“Hydrite is coming up on 100 years of business, and we’re looking for ways to make the business as efficient as possible for another 100 years,” said Gary Branger, IT director at Hydrite. “As a results-driven company, we wanted a solution that had proven results and that could quickly scale to support our growth. We selected Infor CloudSuite Chemicals for its last-mile functionality and reputation for industry specificity. Having specific knowledge about true cost and what is being consumed will be a real game changer.” 

The chemical company is tank intensive, with both batch and continuous manufacturing. Infor CloudSuite Chemicals has tank lot blending and tank management and scheduling capabilities, which will accommodate both types of manufacturing, as well as their by-products. As a distributor and manufacturer of commodity chemicals, Hydrite will also benefit from the solution’s ability to handle its industry commodity pricing by potency. The pricing between the company’s vendors and their customers is often complicated, so the solution will help modernize the business to better handle these complexities.

With a standing relationship with Infor for 15 years, the specialty chemical company is set to continue its partnership for at least another 7 years with this long-term agreement. The Infor solution will include Infor Factory Track, an end-to-end manufacturing automation solution; Infor Birst enterprise analytics; production scheduling; Infor Product Lifecycle Management (PLM); Infor Capture document management; Infor User Adoption Platform (UAP) to author and manage unique learning content; and Infor Graphical Lot Tracker (GLT) for traceability information.

“Infor is helping us execute our ambitious growth strategy, and we look forward to continuing our strong partnership,” Branger said. “With the rollout of this new cloud solution, we expect more modern production scheduling and real-time traceability to help transform our business.”

About Hydrite
Hydrite, a family-owned company established in 1929, is one of the largest independent providers of chemicals and related services in the United States. Headquartered in Brookfield, Wisconsin, Hydrite has a network of manufacturing facilities, warehouses, and laboratories in Illinois, Wisconsin, Iowa, Indiana, California and Texas with nearly 1,000 employees in 25 states. Hydrite owns and operates a private fleet of over 255 units including tractors, van trailers, tankers, and railcars. Hydrite offers expertise in chemical distribution and manufacturing, food and dairy sanitation, organic processing, liquid sulfites, foam control, and water treatment. Hydrite has a strong commitment to quality and customer responsiveness and offers superior products and innovative solutions.

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