Huber Automotive AG has been a customer of the ASYS Group since 2011 and relies on numerous products from the extensive portfolio for its SMT production lines at the Mühlhausen and Süßen locations. Due to a site expansion, further machines from ASYS were added over the past years.

Martin Huber, CEO of Huber Automotive AG explains: “We manufacture up to 100,000 ECUs/month in our new plant. A production line with a placement capacity of around 750,000cph and directly interlinked machines over a length of almost 50m requires the highest reliability for the entire equipment, and we include transport and handling devices in this. A single downtime for a few hours costs us significantly more than the acquisition costs of the failed equipment. That’s why we always select our equipment based only on quality and reliability and have relied on ASYS for over 10 years for good reason. Design and innovative approaches make the decision in favor of ASYS additionally easy.

For the newly built SMT line in Süßen, various VEGO handling modules for loading/unloading the line and for transporting printed circuit boards were supplied, among other things. INSIGNUM high-end laser marking systems and SERIO printing systems were also installed.

Since ASYS has already convinced us several times with its line portfolio, it was obvious for us to also trust in ASYS’ claim thinking for the automatic Dry Tower storage system,” says Huber.

For fully automated and space-saving storage of component rolls, a Dry Tower Quattro was also supplied, including the necessary software connection to the ASYS/Totech MES system. The component rolls are stored traceably and according to the temperature and humidity specifications. All ASYS systems are connected to the assistance system “Smart Alerts” (formerly PULSE) from the PULSE PRO software suite of ASYS to provide maximum support to the operator in production.

Thanks to the successful cooperation over many years, further projects are also planned for the future. Among other things, material logistics in production is to be further automated. Here ASYS offers with the Material Warehouse and its AIV’s (Autonomous Intelligent Vehicle) a demand-oriented solution for intermediate storage and transport for various materials in production. Likewise further SMT lines with different ASYS systems are planned. Already existing machines are to be successively replaced and retrofitted with new fully automated solutions.

Due to the dynamic developments of different requirement profiles of individual projects, the close cooperation with the company Huber Automotive AG turns out to be extremely interesting and varied. The cooperative relationship with the colleagues from Huber Automotive AG is particularly noteworthy. The new challenges require a frequent joint exchange so that new solutions can be developed and offered. Despite the sometimes difficult tasks, the cooperation was consistently positive,” explains Henrik Brügging, Sales Manager at ASYS.