Today, timing is everything. Modular, highly adaptable, and scalable platform concepts are the ideal starting point for rapid evolutions in accelerating the development and implementation of new electrified vehicles. hofer powertrain invests in future-proof technologies and expands its modular platform portfolio – the ULTEVATE platform. The first generation of the ULTEVATE platform made its debut at the 2021 L.A. Autoshow, marking a significant milestone in the industry. Today, the new additions consist of the next generations of hofer powertrain ́s most popular EDUs (Electric Drive Units), an all-new dual engine torque vectoring primary drive unit, and a single-engine secondary axle. Further additions include a HV battery system and vehicle control unit opening new possibilities combined with a highly efficient 3-level inverter, new winding technologies in e-motors, integrated HV functions allowing charging of 800 V EVs at 400 V charging stations, ultrafast charging technologies based on high-power cells and intelligent battery centralization technologies for highest safety, reduced battery costs, and enhanced EV performance. Ultra-compact designs with reduced overall weight, high power density, and efficiency pushing for sustainability in technology were the primary motivations for all developments.

By expanding our portfolio, we make sure that new, more efficient, and versatile powertrain combinations are possible and accessible using original and new solutions, functions, and architectures. The main goal is not only to provide ready-to-go off-the-shelf solutions but mainly to support designing processes and build truly innovative eDrives according to individual needs of our customers, thus reducing time & costs during the development and even more in production,” said Chief Operations Officer of hofer powertrain, Thomas Hackl, when asked about the current benefits of the ULTEVATE technologies.

Powertrain systems for electric (EVs) and hybrid vehicles have become increasingly complex, driven by the rising number of features, new requirements in HV applications, and the quest for higher overall performance, improved efficiency, and cost-effectiveness. These growing demands result in an unprecedented increase in engineering and integration efforts. To address these challenges, hofer powertrain’s primary engineering focus today lies in understanding the entire system and designing with all system interactions in mind – from concept to development work to vehicle integration to series production. All development steps are accompanied by ongoing simulations and tests under varying real-world conditions to react and adjust in each development phase in line with all the relevant requirements.

With the new additions, the efficiency, package, charging time, and costs are optimized significantly. For instance, on the system level, the new architectures allow optimized package and power density for applications where space is limited. The output was increased further for the EDU on the rear axle. In addition to all previous solutions, either a single drive with a one-fits-all approach can be provided on the front axle, using the same electric motor as on the rear axle, or an induction motor can be used to optimize the drag torque. Also, a smaller version of the HCTV axle with up to 400 kW peak is available for the front axle.

These new upgrades bring new possibilities and more flexibility in EV projects. The combinations are limitless. With the platform approach and future-proof technologies, the company creates the strongest possible basis for its customers, giving them immediate access to robust and customized solutions for fast series developments.

hofer powertrain effectively supports its customers in the holistic implementation of their individual solutions based exclusively on the ULTEVATE Platform or incorporating other customer components and systems altogether up to the SOP and beyond.

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