HMS Networks has launched the Raspberry Pi adapter board, providing industrial device manufacturers with a simplified method to test and evaluate the Anybus CompactCom, a ready-made communication interface that connects devices to any industrial network. While previous adapter boards were designed for testing Anybus CompactCom modules with STM32 or NXP (formerly Freescale) microcontroller platforms, this new adapter board is specifically tailored for use with the Raspberry Pi.

The new adapter board provides:

  • Compatibility with the widely popular Raspberry Pi.
  • Easy installation and usage.
  • Full compatibility with the free-to-download Anybus Host Application Example Code (HAEC).

Andreas Stillborg, Anybus Embedded Product Manager at HMS Networks, explains, “The Raspberry Pi is incredibly popular, with over 45 million units in use around the world. Many of our customers already own a Raspberry Pi and are familiar with it. Therefore, we were keen to develop an adapter board that enables our customers to easily use the Raspberry Pi to test and evaluate Anybus CompactCom.”

The Raspberry Pi adapter board is fully compatible with the free-to-download Anybus Host Application Example Code (HAEC). This code includes a reference port designed for the Raspberry Pi, which customers can use with the adapter board and an Anybus CompactCom module to quickly start their embedded development project.

“We’re excited about this new adapter board, as it will allow our customers to quickly get set up and familiarize themselves with our Anybus CompactCom offering,” concludes Andreas Stillborg.

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About Anybus embedded – The history of a ground-breaking innovation.

The first Anybus module was developed in 1994. The number of fieldbuses increased rapidly and the Anybus embedded concept made it possible for device manufacturers to connect their devices to any industrial network in an easy way. Over the last decade, the evolution of industrial networks has continued and many industrial Ethernet protocols with high performance have been introduced. With full fieldbus and industrial Ethernet con-nectivity, IT-features and solutions for functional safety and security, the Anybus embedded technology has always been in the forefront, now also covering wireless technologies. Today, more than seven million Anybus products are used in factories globally. The multi-network connectivity offered by the Anybus embedded con-cept is still the key benefit for the user.