Helixx, the leading EV manufacturing technology company has signed a MOU with Conigital, a driverless vehicle technology company to jointly develop a next generation bi-directional autonomous vehicle (AV), it has been announced. 

The technology partnership, utilising Helixx’s unique universal vehicle platform and manufacturing architecture, will speed up and simplify the current complexities of autonomous vehicle development. Software led design engineering, combined with Helixx’s simplified architecture and low cost manufacturing strategies will allow rapid testing and global implementation.  

Conigital and Helixx are now co-developing a suite of AV software and hardware designed to streamline AV development globally. The manufacturing and technologically driven philosophies shared by Helixx and Conigital will deliver an “AV menu item/ ‘off the shelf AV” into future-proofed vehicle manufacturing systems. It will be powered by the Helixx proprietary ‘factory in a box’, with the goal of reducing the barrier to entry for electric autonomous vehicles.

By merging autonomous technology with electric vehicle innovation, the partnership strives to reduce obstacles in urban mobility. The resulting platform will serve as an ‘autonomous-agnostic’ framework, adaptable for various autonomous vehicle use cases.

Steve Pegg, Co-founder and  CEO of Helixx “This is an exciting partnership and another key milestone for Helixx. The fusion of Conigital’s driverless technology suite with Helixx’s universal electric vehicle manufacturing architecture is a key development in delivering a future where sustainable urban mobility is the norm, underpinned by a core ethos that aims to advance how cities embrace transportation that offers state-of-the-art advanced driver assistance systems all the way up to full driverless mobility solutions.”

Don Dhaliwal, CEO of Conigital “Our collaboration with Helixx is a significant step towards reshaping driverless transportation technology to make it viable for future mass adoption. By combining the full suite of Conigitial autonomous software and hardware systems with the electric vehicle platform expertise from the visionary team at Helixx, we are creating an integrated ecosystem that merges autonomous and electric vehicles together from first principles .”

The MOU represents a commitment to research and development, focusing on innovative approaches to harmonize driverless technology and electric vehicle platforms into one rapidly deployable approach that can be adopted anywhere in the world from the most advanced smart cities and closed fence autonomous systems, to the busy streets of the world’s emerging megacities. Through this joint development agreement, Conigital and Helixx aim to challenge traditional transportation boundaries, enabling a new era of mobility.

For further information, please visit Helixx’s website at helixx.tech and Conigital’s website at conigital.com.

About Helixx: 

Helixx is a UK-based global technology company born to provide zero-emission mobility solutions to address air pollution and foster economic and social advancement in developing regions. Helixx provides a technology aggregation and enablement platform to empower local businesses to manufacture, supply, maintain and recycle innovative, low-cost, superior-engineered, commercial mini EVs virtually anywhere in the world, to end dependency on heavily polluting, unsafe mini ICE vehicles currently in use.

Founded on the principles of Industry 5.0 and fully embracing the values of flexibility, agility and sustainability, the digital-first Helixx ecosystem transcends all aspects of legacy automotive manufacturing. It empowers regional businesses to build white-label mini commercial EVs for last-mile delivery, construction, Tuk-Tuk and ride-hailing fleets in local, scalable licenced Helixx Mobility Hubs within a circular manufacturing ecosystem. 

Helixx was founded by engineer and vehicle concept designer Steve Pegg and hypercar designers Jowyn Wong and Jakub Jodlowski. A venture capitalist holds a 30 per cent share of the company. Following successful testing of the concept hub in Oxfordshire in partnership with Siemens, Helixx will establish further pilot hubs in the UK and  Singapore. The company is in discussion with customers in the Asia Pacific region, with India, MENA, and South America to follow.

About Conigital:

Conigital are a British driverless vehicle company and are leading the charge in automating transportation for a greener and more efficient future. Specialising in cutting-edge self-driving technology and driver safety products, Conigital is committed to shaping sustainable, autonomous, and safe transportation.