H2O.ai announces H2O AI Hybrid Cloud, an end-to-end AI platform that enables organizations to build rapidly, share, and use AI models and applications.

An innovative new platform, H2O AI Hybrid Cloud, empowers anyone to innovate and use AI to make better forecasts, streamline operations, reduce risk, and personalize customer experiences.  It contains capabilities and automation across the entire data science lifecycle, including connecting to and preparing data, building and explaining models, deploying and operating models, and building and sharing AI applications.

“AI is central to AT&T’s mission to deliver wireless, broadband, and software-based video to our customers. We’ve deployed hundreds of AI models to support those products and services, such as to protect our customers by scoring transactions in real-time for the likelihood of fraud. Collaborating with H2O around their open source tools including H2O Wave and H2O AI Hybrid Cloud will let us expand those capabilities across AT&T.” – Mark Austin, Vice President of Data Science, AT&T.

H2O AI Hybrid Cloud is deployed on Kubernetes, enabling customers to operate on any cloud, such as Microsoft Azure or on-premises infrastructure.

The platform features over 200 data connectors, automatic data visualization, automatic feature engineering, AutoML for tabular, time-series, text, image, and video data, and machine learning operations technology to help organizations govern and continuously improve models.  H2O AI Hybrid Cloud is integrated with Snowflake, enabling data engineers to make AI models and score records using their preferred language — SQL.

“It used to take large teams of expert data scientists months, or longer, to develop a single model, but today, with Snowflake’s extensibility capabilities and H2O’s AutoML technology, data engineers can rapidly build and deploy their models and score records, all from within Snowflake using SQL “ – Snowflake Director of Product Management, Torsten Grabs

The H2O AI Hybrid Cloud integrates with the recently released H2O Wave and is built for organizations that want to put AI into their business users’ hands. An open-source lightweight Python development framework, this platform makes it easy for developers, data scientists, and machine learning engineers to make sophisticated applications that leverage AI models.

“The future is no-touch, seamless, frictionless automation, supported by deep insights. Powered by H2O AI Hybrid Cloud, Arogya Mitra Sejati is bringing to life Arogya, a deep insights based automated supply chain platform –  optimized for healthcare.” – Vijay Sarashetti, Cofounder and CTO, Arogya

H2O AI Hybrid Cloud also provides an AppStore, enabling organizations to publish and share the AI applications they build with H2O Wave.  The AppStore deploys with a set of pre-built applications, such as Automatic Insights, Recommendations, and LIBOR, which organizations can use to put AI into production even faster.

“AI is transforming the world. Organizations are adopting AI at increasing rates and need holistic, open and automated platforms to make world-class AI models and applications rapidly.  H2O AI Hybrid Cloud enables organizations to make AI for virtually any use case, streamline machine learning operations and democratize AI across the organization.” – Sri Ambati, CEO, H2O.ai

Sri Ambati, CEO & Founder H20.ai
Sri Ambati, CEO & Founder H20.ai

To meet hybrid and multi-cloud requirements for enterprises, Red Hat OpenShift will certify the platform early this year.

“Red Hat OpenShift, the industry’s leading enterprise-grade, fully-supported Kubernetes platform, is optimized for H2O Driverless AI and H2O Open Source, making it easier for customers to deploy and manage H2O.ai products across the hybrid cloud. We are working closely with H2O.ai as they seek to certify H2O AI Hybrid Cloud on OpenShift in order to continue building on this momentum.”Joe Fernandes, Vice President and General Manager, Cloud Platforms, Red Hat

About H2O.ai
H2O.ai is a leading AI technology company that enables organizations to rapidly build world-class AI models and applications.  We continue to reimagine what is possible with artificial intelligence and deliver new platforms and technologies to put responsible AI into the hands of more users.

Our vision is to democratize AI by making it easier for individuals to build and access world-class and responsible AI. To achieve this vision, we’re creating a culture of responsible and engaged makers: community, customers, partners, entrepreneurs, and our own “makers,” and we’re enabling them with the technology to “make.”  H2O is a leading open-source data science and machine learning platform used by nearly half of the Fortune 500 and trusted by over 20,000 organizations and hundreds of thousands of data scientists around the world.