Available for download now, GTMaritime’s secure maritime file and data replication solution, GTReplicate, has been substantially upgraded to provide customers with greater file synchronisation capabilities across satellite networks.

New features available from GTReplicate v1.2 include:

  • Email integration, allowing shore side emails to be used as a source or target for replication
  • Ability to invoke third party applications and execute scripts before or after data transfers
  • Flexible file transfer options for a range of configurations including delta revisions
  • Migration of GTRAFT jobs to GTReplicate to reduce the load on email transfers
  • Access to the GTMaritime dashboard to monitor job history
  • Simple, efficient job creation/management to effectively manage the fleets data transfer
  • Ability to archive or delete transferred files

Delivered over FastNet, GTMaritime’s independent and secure data platform, GTReplicate v1.2 automatically configures, monitors and securely executes fleet wide file transfer tasks from a central location. FastNet optimises data streams between ship and shore by removing the need for crew intervention and reducing the number of vessel connections needed, greatly improving cyber security.

In addition, GTMaritime has released GTSentinel 8, the latest version of its comprehensive maritime antivirus software. GTSentinel capabilities continue to develop, based on advancing GTMaritime expertise and ESET’s award-winning protection and multi-layered internet security to deliver powerful antivirus cover for ships and shipping.

GTSentinel 8 provides customers with a range of advanced protections including: machine learning; advanced memory scanning; exploit blocking; botnet protection; malicious DNA detections; and a unified extensible firmware interface (UEFI) scanner. Distribution of GTSentinel 8 has been streamlined allowing customers to only download the specific product editions required.

GTSentinel’s “Live” functionality provides updates as soon as they become available and benefits from GTMaritime’s optimisation technologies to deliver the highest levels of protection with minimal bandwidth usage.  Additionally users can still opt for daily or weekly updates to meet the needs of very low bandwidth/volume data plans.

Mike McNally, Global Commercial Director
Mike McNally, Global Commercial Director

Mike McNally, Global Commercial Director at GTMaritime, said: “As digitalisation continues to advance across the maritime sector, it is essential that cybersecurity software meets changing market needs. GTReplicate v1.2 and GTSentinel 8 are the latest fruits of our continuous product development strategy and offer greater resilience than ever before to the evolving threats our customers face.

“The protection provided by GTSentinel 8 is ideally suited to vessels which are VSAT enabled, for example. Live updates are based on millions of ESET users worldwide to provide near to real-time protection against emerging threats. With over 8,000 vessels now benefitting from GTMaritime products, we continue to invest in our maritime solutions, so that customers receive the highest level of cyber resilience and efficiency.”