CheckSum’s 12KN In-Circuit Test system was selected by a global automotive manufacturer for their Mexico sensor production expansion project.

With many new automotive projects involving small PCBA’s being moved to this suppliers’ facility in Mexico, they needed to expand production capacity and reevaluate the capabilities of their current test and programming process.  Several major ATE suppliers were evaluated, including their current ICT and Programming vendors with whom they have a large investment in fixtures and equipment.

A key reason they decided to move their future projects to Checksum was the higher throughput achieved by combining their in-circuit test with device programming and functional test in the same fixture.  Our local 1-Call Support was also an important factor.  They have only 1-Call to make for new projects and for the support of any problems related to that project.  This is in contrast with the current solution that had multiple vendors for the test system, fixtures projects and programming tools.  – Ana Orozco (Mexico Sales Manager)

The faster test process achieved by combining parallel functional testparallel programming, and ICT in the same fixture, represents a clear advantage for improving the test process for manufacturers of small PCBA’s.   With the ability to do more functional tests earlier in the process, automotive suppliers are improving quality and reducing the risk of scrap in an increasingly zero rework environment.

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