In the digital age, Service companies face numerous challenges. Customers seek quick online solutions but grapple with complex assistance and manuals. Service agents are overwhelmed, leading to communication issues. Companies deal with unpredictable service calls and the task of matching technician skills to jobs. Field workers face part-sourcing issues and multiple return visits. Moreover, despite technological advancements, many businesses continue to struggle with the optimization of report generation and the accessibility of crucial information, because they are not harnessing the full potential of their data, which remains hidden in service reports and internal documents.

“Recognizing these challenges is key,” states Jean-Thomas Célette, CEO of Coresystems. “From these insights, we’ve developed InsightLoop to enhance service processes’ integration, efficiency, and customer focus.”

 Digital Assistance and Features in Modern Customer Service

InsightLoop, aided by a digital assistant, offers GPT-like manual access, and enhances client and agent interactions. It improves planning with task and part predictions and aids field workers with real-time access to essential information. The platform’s automation replaces traditional manual methods, and its integration capabilities, metric displays, and bottleneck identification underscore its industry significance.

“Identifying the issues was our starting point. With InsightLoop, our aim is not just to tackle these challenges, but also to redefine industry standards,” remarks Jean-Thomas Célette.

Integrating Advanced ML Models and Serverless Infrastructure for Versatile Data Handling

InsightLoop incorporates a diverse mix of open and closed-source ML models, covering areas like generative AI, classification, time series forecasting, and clustering. To enhance AI performance, customer data undergoes thorough cleaning and augmentation using automated Machine Learning pipelines. Multitenancy has been seamlessly integrated into the product, ensuring customer data segregation. Moreover, data encryption remains a top priority to guarantee safety.

The backbone of the product relies on the robust serverless technology from AWS. This infrastructure ensures effortless scalability, accommodating customers of any magnitude.

One of the standout features is the product’s versatility in data ingestion. It smoothly processes information from any source (CRM, ERP, Web APIs, etc.), regardless of its format. To support this versatility, both relational and non-relational data storage have been leveraged in InsightLoop. This well-rounded technical foundation ensures efficient and reliable outcomes for all users.

Coresystems’ Strategic Developments: A Glimpse into the Year Ahead

Coresystems is set for a dynamic year ahead, emphasizing user experience and operational efficiency. The platform will enhance customer self-service with context-aware experiences, insights from past service cases, IoT data processing, and chat and voice interactions. The service request segment will feature an “Immersive Assistant” and context-specific suggestions, supplemented by IoT insights and both voice and web channels. On the planning front, Coresystems will roll out customizable prompts for technicians, advanced technician matching, and a comprehensive cost prediction tool for repairs.

 “These advancements signify our commitment to keeping InsightLoop at the forefront of service technology solutions,” remarks Jean-Thomas Célette.

From Digital Transformation to AI Integration

Established in 2006, Coresystems began as a field service-focused company. Recognizing the digitalization demand among enterprises, the company introduced Field Service Management (FSM) in 2011 to digitize service processes. By 2018, their innovation caught SAP’s attention, leading them to acquire FSM in a carve-out. Coresystems has retained its distinct brand identity. In 2022, under CEO Jean-Thomas Célette, the company underwent structural changes, fostering innovation. By 2023, Coresystems launched InsightLoop, showcasing their commitment to transforming customer service once again and unlocking the potential of AI in customer service.