Fastems LLC, manufacturer of pallet and robot based CNC automation equipment and software, will share its knowledge and experience relevant to the aerospace industry at AeroDef Manufacturing & WESTEC 2021 in Long Beach Convention Center, California, November 16-18, 2021, in booth 557. Fastems has proven experience in automating the manufacturing of metal and composite wing parts, fuselage parts, engine components and other industry-specific workpieces.

The company’s exhibit will highlight its flexible automation solutions for high-mix-variable-batch production – meaning, enabling manufacturers in producing single parts economically and remain profitable in fluctuating markets. “For the aerospace and defense manufacturers, ability to deliver just few pieces of a high-quality part in the right time with full process traceability is a must,” explains Robert Humphreys, International Sales Manager of Fastems. “This is our core expertise – we have worked with hundreds of suppliers and product owners in the aerospace and defense over the past 40 years.” 

The scalable and flexible automation solutions by Fastems enable the best use of available resources to produce customer orders timely. With the right setup, manufacturers can increase their machine tool utilization to over 90% and to scale their operating and set up costs so that if the market dives, and the fixed costs are minimal.

Fastems is known for its integration capabilities – the company has ready-made machine tool interfaces for over 200 milling and turning machines, while bringing along also the other processes such as tool automation, finishing and deburring, quality inspections and automatic loading of workpieces. From software side, Fastems systems integrate with CAM, ERP, and resource management systems. The newest version of the automation control software MMS offers a wide variety of data features enabling manufacturers to follow their key performance indicators and make data-based decisions to continuously improve their production.

For more information, visit AeroDef Manufacturing / WESTEC 2021, booth 557,

About Fastems
Fastems delivers intelligent factory automation solutions around cutting machine tools and related processes. We are a family-owned business with 40 years of experience and over 4000 installations. Our mission is to help metalworking manufacturers improve their productivity and profitability.
Our application fields are pallet and robotic automation – always equipped with our industry-leading production planning and execution software. We also have solutions for automating the production and resource planning of stand-alone machine tools. We support our systems with a wide range of services.